Top 5 Razors for a Trip

No doubt that a well-trusted razor is one of the most important devices in every trip. Certainly shavers for a trip need to have some significant advantages to define their special application.


Razors should be made of lightweight materials to reduce a luggage weight as far as possible


Compactness and small-size of shavers make the shaving process maximally comfortable wherever you are.


Razors should have a rechargeable high-capacity battery and the battery indicator level for autonomous work away from the power supply.


Safetymechanism and possibility to change to the locked mode assume preventing accidental turning-on and unwanted injury.

So here are the five best razors for trips:

Own Harmony Premium Electric Callus Shaver CR 900 Series

The main advantages of this razor are low weight and portability. 360 degrees Smart Precision convex curved rollers automatically adapt to the features of person’s face and follow every contour of it. The wireless chiropody machine is constructed to reach productive results. Conveniently moulded grip allows easy usage with a suitable non-slip handle. Moreover, this device functions with global voltage for international trips. Thanks to charge lasting up to 45 minutes incessant work, this razor provides autonomous shaving. Embeded rechargeable accumulator battery has more than 750 hours of a lifetime. In addition, safety turn lock protection will prevent from incidental turn on. That is why this razor is ideal for travellers.
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MAX-T Fast Charge Rotatable Razor 

Special quick charge USB technology allows this shaver to get completely charged in 1 hour for 2 hours of working (it is equal to 2 months of usage). Ergonomically constructed grip provides easy hold. 4-focus agile heads, the 3D rotatable shaver guarantee a suitable and close process of shaving. This totally water-resistant electrical razor allows user to shave in direct contact with water without any safety troubles. Besides, a removable and cleanable head allows the user to wash it straightly under a water tap. Skin-friendly pop-up beard trim tab is ideal to shave whiskers, beard forms, moustache and all haircut effortless and comfortable.
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FARI Electrical Razor for Men           

Soft, close and accurate shaving process of this shaver is provided by 3D turnable razor with 2-track extreme subtle globular chisel net and steel edge being sharpened by itself. Moreover, a razor has a two times wider surface than a single one. It customizes to shave both froth or gel without any trouble for a more comfortable experience. Waterproof body of the razor allows to use the electrical shaver wet or dry even in the shower. A user can feel the convenience of wireless procedure at home or on a trip. 8 hours of recharging time ensure almost 45 mins of shaving period. Triple-floating heads which are shaving in 4 directions, adjust completely to all curves of user’s face. The safety of shaving process is guaranteed by the technology of automatic barbering, which does not wring the beard or injure the skin.
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Max-Tcare Electrical Razor 

This water-resistant smart electric shaver constructed for a smooth and gentle shaving process without any remains. 3D rotatable close shaving is provided by 4 agile heads with 2-track stainless steel edge and high speed powerful engine. Device supports 1 hour fast charging for 90 minutes of a non-stop use in one-hand wireless procedure. Wide LCD display demonstrates battery status to remind if you need to recharge it. Smart safety lock can be activated by pressing an on/off button during 3 seconds to avoid incidental turning on during a trip.
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EUNON Electrical Razor 

This razor is created for comfortable, mute and safe shaving. It charges by a handy USB adaptor. Quick-charging technology allows a razor to get 100% in 1 hour. Thanks to its high-capacity battery, this razor can be used everyday for 2 months in a cordless way. Smart LCD screen shows battery status and demonstrates a remaining charge. Safety lock mode will protect user from unexpected turning-on. Waterproof body provides safe using in direct contact with water.
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Finally, it is time to choose the most suitable razor. Pay attention to the most significant advantages and the features you need. Follow this list of the best razors for a trip and your purchase will be more than satisfying!