What You Need for Your Travel to China

A lot of veteran travelers have visited and explored Europe, North and South America, Australia and some of the Asian countries as well. It’s hard to amaze such experienced tourists with something radically new. But there is a land that has endless mysteries to resolve — and its name is China.

Almost any China guide book might scare people with graphic description of some nonsense and talk them out of going to the country. But such guide books just repeat old and irrelevant ideas that were common 20 years ago. China has long become a completely different country: progressive, modern and capitalist. It also preserves its historical heritage and has plenty of natural sceneries that look like nothing else in the world.

But Chinese culture, including the Chinese culture of traveling, is completely different than what we got used to. Taking that for consideration, we have made this article with some tips for Americans traveling to China.

So what should you know before having a journey?

The Only One Currency

Unfortunately, American dollars won’t be accepted in China, and paying with Visa or MasterCard is sometimes also limited. While traveling to China you will always need to pay in yuans. Yuan is a Chinese currency also known as RMB. Dealing with another currency might be confusing, so you can bring a good multi-purpose wallet with you. Its pockets and sections can safely contain different currencies, coins and bills, as well as your passport for travel, China ticket, driver license or keys. Such things can sometimes be worn on your belt or around your neck, which enhances security of your valuables and money.

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Bring Your Own Stuff

There’s no other best way to visit China than being prepared for all possible obstacles of the journey. You should absolutely be informed that Chinese public places can sometimes fail in offering its customers means of personal hygiene. It means that it won’t be extra to have your own napkins, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and/or hand soap, especially when you are planning to go out.

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Language Barrier

China is a unique country in all possible ways, on the other hand, its language diversity is something that can pose a challenge even for natives. Although it can be very helpful to know some basic Mandarin to say “Hi!” or express your gratitude, sometimes it just won’t be enough as there are too many dialects. On the other hand, a younger generation can communicate in English really well. But the adults will mostly talk their native language only.

If you experience any difficulties with the language, contact your China tour travel agency and ask them to provide you with a translator. If this isn’t an option for you, and the Great Firewall block your access to Google translation service, consider buying a translator device and never feel uncertain about your communication any.

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Yes, the Great Firewall

If you are going to make a China trip 2019, you might already know that a huge number of websites are blocked for access. Internet censorship in China is a real thing, so with a normal connection you will most likely fail in visiting all the social networks. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to buy and install a VPN connection beforehand. Doing it just before your trip is an essential thing as you won’t be able to install it in China: all the VPN providers are also blocked by the Great Firewall.

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Air Pollution

China is a great country, but the air could be just a bit cleaner. It might be considered rather tricky for families with allergic kids to go to China tours. For seniors and people with breathing problems it may create some troubles as well. Those who are especially sensitive to dust or smoke can order anti-pollution masks. They come in different color combinations and sizes which makes them comfortable for both adults and children.

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Walking Long Distances for Nature

Still, China isn’t only about difficulties. It is also about beautiful nature, tons of hiking routes, mountain climbing and so on. For those who are looking for hiking routes in China, group tour packages can offer great prices and wonderful natural destinations. To feel the most secure and comfortable, you should consider ordering a pair of trekking shoes: their slip-free rubber platform will help you never misstep on your mountain trail.

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Capturing Tourist Attractions

What should a good China 7-day tour itinerary include to make your trip the most unforgettable experience? Of course, we are talking about the tourist-friendly cities that have lots to see and try. Going to Beijing or visiting Shanghai for the first time will undoubtedly stay in your memory for a long time. However, to make this memories last longer, you might try instant cameras that print the photo right away. From your trip to China, you will bring not only good memories, but a bunch of cute pictures as well!

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There’s a lot to tell about China travel destinations, it won’t even fit in one article. The main thing you should know is that they are variable, authentic, dreadfully interesting and absolutely unique. China group tour packages will offer you a lot of places to travel. In China, the group tourism is a big thing. Nevertheless, independent traveling is also extremely safe and secure, so you might look up some cheap China tours and get yourself a journey of your dreams. See, this country has something for everyone’s taste, so there is absolutely no reason for you to hesitate! Check the tickets, book some hotels and start planning your trip!

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