USA National Parks Best for Camping

American nature is flamboyant and dramatic, versatile and colorful. There’s no one in the world who would remain indifferent after seeing all the shades of the USA beauty. But who appreciates the wonders of the countryside the most? Of course, campers. These reckless travelers are ready to explore forests and mountains length and breadth, as they get pleasure from the authentic feel of places that no man has ever reached.

Are you searching how to escape from the hustle and bustle of your city? Have you considered camping in the national parks of America? The most protected and pure places in all states are surely to be found in wildlife refuges. In our article, you will gather information on the national parks best for camping.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Limitless forests, rich and active wildlife and paradise-like panoramas of northern nature — after seeing all this beauty, you will fall in love with Glacier National Park forever. Thousands of camping trails wind deep in the woods and meadows, go around alpine lakes and climb high in the mountains. You are welcome to stay in any of the 13 campgrounds that offer 1000 campsites where you can spend time with your friends, family and even pets.

Among Native Americans, the mountains of the Glacier National Park are known as the “Shining Mountains”. The name derives from the mountains’ carved ice peaks that shine bright under the sun. It is quite chilly here, so we recommend you to visit the Glacier National park in summer when the weather is more friendly.

During your camping trip to the most popular National Park of Montana, you won’t ever feel bored. You can go hiking, rafting, fishing, and in some places you might even catch a glimpse of a grizzly bear. Just don’t come closer!

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is known worldwide. For people all over the world, this is the first thing that they learn about American destinations and attractions. So why not take advantage of your American citizenship and visit the Grand Canyon National Park for camping?

This World Heritage Site is located in the gorge formed by Colorado River that had its flow here many years ago. Millions of years show in the Grand Canyon’s geology as well as in rich flora and fauna of the place. But of course, the Canyon is interesting not only for geologists and biologists: it has camping sites too, exactly one camping ground for each end of the gorge.

During your camping trip, you will become one of the 5 million people visiting this Arizona National Park and enjoy the cleanest air in America. The best time to come here is spring and fall, as winter and summer here are too extreme in temperatures. Helicopter flights, mule rides and a possibility to hike down to the very bottom of the Canyon — you will always find something that speaks to your soul!

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This is the first and possibly the most beautiful national park in America that is also known on the global scale. The fascinating nature of Yellowstone combines with an awe-inspiring feeling of danger as this site is located on the dormant supervolcano that can actually become active again. However the chances that you will ever see the Yellowstone volcano eruption are low, and the National Park of Wyoming is perfectly safe for your trip. But you might find the very thought of it very provoking and fearsome. We all love a bit of fear when we feel safe, right?

The Yellowstone wildlife and geysers are legendary. You can walk in the park night and day long studying the unique plants and watching animals from the distance, and looking at streams shoot up in the air and hot springs flow down the rocks. Besides, you can also go hiking or fishing, or stop at one of the 12 campgrounds with thousands of campsites available for your service.

We recommend you to visit the Yellowstone National Park in July and August, as the weather is the most comfortable in these months. June and September are good too and there’s less visitors, but it is much cooler outside with a chance of rains.

Visiting National Parks in a one-day trip is surely a grand idea, but you will never enjoy them as much as while staying for a camping experience. As you watch the sun rise early in the morning or the stars spin calmly in the dark sky, you will feel a magical unity with nature. This is the trip you won’t forget.

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