Trip to the Blue Mountains, Australia

Australia is rich on wonderful sceneries and unspoiled nature, but the most famous place and also a World Heritage Area is possibly the Blue Mountains.  In Australia, there are many possibilities to discover the beauty and romance of the Blue Mountains. Camping, hiking, bike traveling — there’s a tour for everybody! Some of them are lead by Aboriginal guides that tell you magical stories about Australia and the nature reserve itself. Authentic and pure, gorgeous and romantic, Blue Mountains will certainly find a place in your heart.

In our article, we have made a quick Blue Mountains review to tell you more about tourism in this area and its main features.

Why are the Blue Mountains Blue?

First of all, let’s dive into the etymology of the mountain’s funny name. This million-hectares nature reserve is situated in New South Wales, to the west of Sydney. According to the Blue Mountains info, this area has derived its name from its appearance: from Sydney, the mountains look blue indeed.

This illusion can be explained very simply. Eucalyptus is the predominant tree in the area, and under the sun it tends to discharge an eucalyptus oil that evaporates as a blue mist. This is the main reason that gives the Blue Mountains their iconic look.

Blue Mountains: Top Attractions

The most seen attraction in the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters. This is a formation of three clearly distinguished sandstone cliffs that can be seen from the distance. They play a huge part in the Aboriginal folklore, so don’t hesitate to ask your guide about this unique sight.

To get to Three Sisters, you can ride a gondola across the Scenic World which offers a view on Jamison Valley, Mount Solitary and Katoomba Falls. You may also take a breathtaking train ride. The Scenic world railway descends almost 400 m while going through a tunnel and a gorge, which makes the passengers and their kids especially excited.

Another nice destination is a Botanic Garden, the highest garden in Australia. In a cool mountain climate, there are hundreds of plants to enjoy. Sightseeing tours with guides and places for picnic are also included.

These are the most popular places for tourism, but there’s so much more to see. The Blue Mountains attraction maps look like a colorful display of destinations with dozens of landmarks that you really need to see.

How to Get to the Blue Mountains?

Going to the Blue Mountains isn’t hard, considering that this is a very popular travel destination. There are many tours with transportation in Sydney that you can buy. While being on a guided tour, you won’t ever need to worry as you’ll be taken care of all the way long.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to get from Sydney to the Blue Mountains by yourself, we recommend that you board a regular train at the Central Station. It takes up to 1.5 hours to get to Katoomba, depending on the number of stops. From there, you can take a bus to the Scenic World, Echo point or other places.

As you can see, getting around the area isn’t really that hard. So order your tickets right now and fly to the Blue Mountains, AU! To find the cheapest tickets please click the link below.

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Blue Mountains: Hotels

Accommodation in the area is no problem at all. Most of all, the niche is taken by holiday houses and villas. However, you can find hotels near the Blue Mountains too, and they will absolutely meet your needs and budget.

For example, when looking for decent 3-star hotels, we suggest you consider the Royal Hotel. Although it is situated in 23 km from the main attractions in a lovely town of Springwood, it is clean, neat and reasonably priced.  

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The superb 4-star hotel Parklands Country Gardens & Lodges is in a 20-minute drive from Three Sisters. Its location is already a good reason to fall for it. Just look at how peaceful and isolated this love nest looks! No wonder that couples adore it so much.

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The location of Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa is the best among other Blue Mountains Australia hotels. You can almost see the legendary Three Sisters from your window! The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, spa and fitness centers and two restaurants. This luxury 5-star accommodation will make this journey into your very best life experience.

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Of course, Australia is a magnificent country that is full of beauty and surprises. Everyone should visit it once in a while and tour its length and breadth. Hopefully, this Blue Mountains review has helped you in planning your next Australian trip!