Trip to Monaco: What’s There to See?

The smallest country on Earth seems to be made for tourists. Just imagine how wonderful Monaco is: mountains and crystal-clear sea, lush gardens and parks, white-sanded beaches and historic buildings all around. These places are so unbelievably gorgeous that many travelers come back and revisit them soon after their first-ever Monaco vacation.

Monaco has long been a favorite destination of the celebrities and crème de la crème. You’ll never ever spot so many expensive cars and yachts as during your trip to Monaco. But what’s there else to see? Visit Monaco City and Monte Carlo, La Condamine and Fontvieille – and don’t lose your chance to meet one of your idols face to face in the narrow streets of the Old Town!

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Things to Do in Monte Carlo

If you want to surprise your soulmate, take them to Monte Carlo – one of the most romantic places in the world. You will both have a great pleasure in long strolls along the beach while holding hands and admiring the sunset. The water is so clear that even at depth of 15 meters, the bottom is still perfectly visible.
If you’re looking for Monte Carlo hotels which offer a wide range of services and maximum convenience, take into consideration Le Méridien Beach Plaza. Le Méridien Beach Plaza overlooks Monte Carlo and the Mediterranean Sea. It features a private beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and several 24-hour restaurants and bars. What else do you need to enjoy your Monaco holidays?

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Another great option if you’re looking for Monaco accommodation is Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo. It was completely renovated in 2018 and now can offer a seasonal outdoor swimming pool with a sun terrace surrounded by palm trees, a great view on the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, and soundproof rooms in case if you and your partner want to get loud. So, what are the best hotels in Monaco? Those letting you, lovebirds, to show your mutual affection!

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Monaco Points of Interest

However, Monaco tourism doesn’t consist solely of lying on the beach and sunbathing. For those who prefer more activities like exploring and learning local traditions and places of interest, there are some must-see attractions as well.

After enjoying the luxury and wealth of the city, take a look at the Oceanographic Museum. It is referenced in any Monaco travel guide. In the Oceanographic Museum, there are a great number of curiosities you won’t see anywhere else. For example, oceanologists managed to recreate the life of an underwater reef in a huge aquarium. The eco-system of this artificial reef is so colorful and fascinating that no one will leave the museum disappointed.

When looking for cheap hotels in Monaco near the Oceanographic Museum, consider spending your night at Hôtel Le Roquebrune. This accommodation overlooks the gulf, so you’ll appreciate the wonderful views all the day long. Here, you can spend your holidays in Monaco for a reasonable price.

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If you’re looking for more things to do in Monaco, we recommend our next stop: Princess Grace Rose Garden. Local dwellers take the greatest pride in their royal family, especially their princess who was so kind-hearted and sincere that the memories of her death are still painful for many citizens. The princess remained a beautiful rose in the hearts of her subjects forever. Her passion and love for flowers was well-known, and in 1984, a delightful rose garden was opened and named after Princess Grace.

We highly suggest that you visit it during your trip to Monaco. Here, you can see over 14,000 plants, of which only 150 species are roses. The rose garden is laid out in the shape of a huge rose with 9 unopened petals to symbolize the internal youth of Princess Grace.
Strange Mix of Gambling and Culture

Okay, do you still wonder what to do in Monaco? Let’s see our last destination then. Almost everyone has heard of Casino Monte Carlo which is not only known as a gambling establishment. What is more, Casino Monte Carlo is an architectural masterpiece. Its interior design is original, luxurious and sophisticated, and the Casino represents a truly vital part of Monaco tourism.

Moreover, the Opera House is situated under the same roof which adds even more dazzle to the whole place. A combination of gambling and art sounds weird, right? However, the Monte Carlo Opera House saw many outstanding musicians such as Verdi, Wagner, and Rossini. It still keeps inviting modern talents to visit Monaco and give a grand concert.

Unfortunately, tourists can only access the casino lobby and theater wardrobe. You’ll have to pay 10 euros for that. Interestingly, the Monaco citizens are banned from gambling by law.

When looking for Monaco accommodation near the Casino Monte Carlo, check a superb 4-star hotel Port Palace. You’ll be able to access all the concerts in no time!

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Monaco is magnificent, wonderful, breathtakingly beautiful – can we even fully reveal how good it is? Just stop hesitating and get your trip to Monaco. What’s there to see is no longer a question: as you have probably learned, your holidays will be full of nicest experiences and joy anytime you visit Monaco! So choose the best hotel and get your tickets to have the best vacation of your lifetime!