Traveling to Germany: Top 5 Cities Worth Seeing

Germany is a wonderful land that attracts flocks of tourists every year. Being the heart of Europe and one of its cultural centers, this country will amaze you with its authenticity, contrasting sceneries and mix of medieval and modern vibe.


Germany is a federal republic that consists of 16 states, and each of them has its own unique flavor. Are you interested in seeing mountains? Then you can head to Bavaria. Or maybe you adore being at the seashore? Then Schleswig-Holstein is your safest bet. There are so many different sides of Germany that you will certainly find something for yourself to always come back.


So, to make it easier for you to pick a destination of your next visit to Germany, we have made a list of 5 best cities to check.





The German capital Berlin is one of the most fascinating places for tourists. First of all, this city is especially friendly to your wallet: as it was divided in two halves with the Berlin wall for more than 2 decades, the value of land has fallen tremendously. Because of that, Berlin is listed as one of the cheapest European capitals.


Secondly, there are so many wonderful attractions that you won’t cover them neither in a week, nor in two! You can start your city stroll from the Tiergarten: this huge garden is pierced by 5 roads that meet at the foot of the Victory Column. From there, you can walk past Reichstag to the Brandenburg gate, an 18th-century monument that looks especially breathtaking in the night light. Then you can follow the Unter den Linden street till you rich the Museum Island or the Alexanderplatz, both very touristic places, also prominent among students of the many Berlin universities.


This route is full of the grandest attractions. Museums, theaters, restaurants, churches, and many other sights are waiting for you to come and discover the whole new flavor of Berlin.
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The second largest city in Germany, Hamburg, is a bright and vivid mixture of historic and modern features. Old churches and buildings are mixed with glass and concrete facades, creating a wonderful harmony of different architectural styles.


Being a city harbor and a meeting point for dozens of sea trade routes, Hamburg is heavily influenced by its location. The essential part of the locals’ diet is fish and seafood, so, when visiting Hamburg, you really need to try these marine restaurants! Some of the coastal buildings look like ships “parked” on the ground with ropes hanging along the walls. And in the evening, we recommend you to go up to the observation deck of the Elbphilharmonie, which offers you a great view on the city, the port and the sunset.


Hamburg could be a perfection, if it weren’t for one thing: unlike Berlin, it is estimated one of the most expensive cities in Germany. But, walking through its cobbled streets, enjoying the waterfront and hearing seagulls cry, you will forgive Hamburg almost everything and feel eager to visit it once again.






If you feel like diving deep into the medieval vibes, then Munich, Bavaria, is the best option for your trip. Being one of the federal republic states, Bavaria and its cities look and feel like an entirely different world with its own dialect, unique traditions and a very authentic mentality.


The Bavarian capital Munich lets you imagine how the German cities looked a couple centuries ago. The city streets are so narrow and twisty they can remind you of tangled snaked. On the central square Marienplatz, you can see the tallest and most famous building in Munich, the gothic Frauenkirche cathedral.


In the end of your sightseeing stroll you should also visit the beer hall Hofbräuhaus, where you can sit at a long table with lots of people around you, listen to the medieval live music, sing, dance and, of course, taste the finest German beers.
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When interested in a gothic architecture and unbelievably beautiful churches, you should visit Cologne, the religious center of Germany. Of course, it is most famous for the Cologne Cathedral. Its construction began in the 13th century, but was suspended for a long time till its completion in 1880. Another medieval building worth seeing is the local city hall, which was founded in the 12th century. It is the oldest German city house still being in use.


You will also find it very pleasing to walk along the Rhine river in the evening, watching illuminated ferries come and go. The city offers countless bars, breweries and restaurants to your service. Each November, 11 there is a great Carnival with lots of street partying, colorful performances and joy. As you can see, Cologne is undoubtedly perfect for your German trip!





Another city that is exceptionally exciting from the historical point of view is Nuremberg. It is situated in Bavaria, not so far from Munich, so you can visit it during a one-day trip from the state’s capital.


First, you should note that Nuremberg is extremely hilly, so even the shortest stroll will look like a hiking trail. But all your effort will be worth it because Nuremberg is possibly the best place to immerse in the atmosphere of a cute little German town with marketplaces all around.


To appreciate its medieval flavor you are strongly recommended to visit the Nuremberg Castle, a fortified group of buildings that rise above the city. If you are interested in the modern history and feel the need to understand the aspects of horrors of the past, you can check the Nazi party rally grounds and especially the documentation center – a museum in the former Congress Hall where you can learn more about the most terrific European country of all time, the Third Reich.
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All in all, Germany is a big country with lots of great attractions to see and wonderful cities to visit. You can be sure that you will remember visiting Germany as one the best trips that you’ve ever had.G