Travel Snack Ideas and Lifehacks

For travelers, the world is getting smaller every day. Many of us have to spend days while flying or driving to a new destination. This is incredibly interesting, but has got a number of drawbacks as well. Along with switching to another time zone, language and culture, we also need to switch to another diet.

Any traveler understands how uneasy it is to eat on the way. Travel meals might be very expensive, with a limited choice of products. Also, the further your end destination is from home, the more unusual your diet gets. Combining food and traveling to an exotic country comes with a bunch of health problems and difficult adaptation.

Therefore, in order to help you with choosing the best food for traveling, we wrote this article about how you can survive on a trip without dying from hunger. Here’s our list of useful travel snack ideas and lifehacks!

Bad Food for Travel

If you plan to take some road trip food with you, it should meet several criteria. For instance:

The snack shouldn’t have any strong smells. Even if this is your favorite product, its smell will start irritating you and your fellow passengers very soon, especially when you travel in a public transport.
This trip food should leave no wastes and garbage. Crumbs and bulky packaging bring a lot of inconveniences on the road.

The food ought to be stored for a long time without going off too soon. It should not melt or stain your bag as well.

Finally, it is supposed to be lightweight. It’s one thing if you drive a car, but on a bus tour, a large heavy bag of food will only annoy you.

Carry Water from Home

Even traveling 20 km away from your home town, you’ll experience a drastic water change. We talk about tap water rather than bottled water that can be purchased in store, of course. Water affects your digestion drastically, so it may influence your health or give you bad stomachaches. No list of the best travel snacks will help you in this case. Hence, taking your home water with you will improve your family’s well-being.

We recommend you buy plastic water bottles for all members of your family. Before the trip, always fill them to the fullest capacity. If you want to stop worrying about combining food & travel, you can start with the water problem right now, and these bottles by MILTON will be your very first solution!

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Fruits and Veggies: Simply the Best

Fruits and vegetables are great food for travelers. You can take bananas, apples, pears, mangos, oranges or tangerines, combined with cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and so on. Beforehand, we recommend that you slice them (if needed) and put into travel food containers.
They do not stain, fit in any backpack, improve your mood and boost your energy. Also, fruits in particular are delicious and well-loved by both adults and children. To cut story short, this is simply the healthiest travel snack you can think of!

If you have nothing to put it in, you can buy something like these plastic containers by OXO and enjoy your ride!

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Prepare Meals Beforehand

Prices on food at airports and train stations are impressive. The meals themselves can’t be called healthy or appealing either. In order to save up some coins, we suggest you prepare your travel snacks at home short before the ride or flight.

Sandwiches and rolls are the most common snacks for trips. You can make them with a slice of chop or cheese, or opt for a vegetarian version: tomatoes, fried egg, lettuce, etc. Instead of bread, you can wrap the snack in a thin pita to make it healthier. You can also cook a potato, but instead of boiling it just bake it and put into airtight bags. This way, this road trip snack will stay fresh until the next day or two.

By the way, check these airtight bags by Leson – they can truly save your next journey!

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What the Dessert?!

If you are a sweet tooth, you know how hard it is on a ride without at least one chocolate bar. But chocolate melts very quickly, so this is not the best dessert to have on the road. For example, chocolate can be replaced with a cereal bar, yogurt parfait, all-fruit popsicle, peanut butter, etc. For your sweet tooth, these are definitely healthier road trip snacks!

Here’s one more idea for an easy travel snack. What about honey sticks by Stakich? They are very healthy, low in calories, and you can say this is a good resource of vitamins! Check these sticks and be sure that you and your kids will have something nice to munch on the ride!

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In fact, preparing good travel snacks for the road is very easy. Travel food should be tasty, healthy and comfortable to carry with you on the train, airplane or in the car. That’s all! We hope that our simple tips have helped you with your upcoming journey. After our list of travel snack ideas and lifehacks, you won’t feel hungry anymore!
Bon appétit and also bon voyage!