Top Watch Brands for Swiss Citizens

The number of wrist watch brands becomes more diverse with each year. Some trademarks offer budget products for mass market, others focus on the luxury segment and therefore cost thousands of dollars. Some brands die as fast as they are born, while the true leaders of industry continue with their strong positions.

As we all know, Swiss watches are of the highest quality on the market. It isn’t surprising if you actually dreamed of getting a Swiss watch for women or men at least once in your lifetime. Why don’t you actually plan a shopping trip to Switzerland and buy yourself a good and high-quality watch?

We have gladly collected top watch brands for Swiss citizens and put them into a list. Maybe you’ll decide on buying something in the end! The dwellers of Switzerland shouldn’t take all the joy and fun, should they?

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a Swiss manufacturer of the most high-quality and complex luxury watches. Founded in 1839, the company produces its watches in limited quantities. Each year, Patek Philippe creates no more than 16 thousand copies. All the details of the mechanisms are checked and tested manually. It takes up to 9 months to make one watch! The company’s bestsellers also include the model called Calibri-89. This is the most complex mechanism in the world as it has 36 functions and is made of 1,728 parts. No wonder Patek Philippe is said to be one of the best watch brands around the world! As for travelers, we recommend you check this watch with a world map displaying correct time per city capital.

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Rolex is a famous manufacturer of women’s and men’s watches. From year to year, it takes its position in the rankings of the world’s best brands. The company has also been a technical pioneer: for example, it has created the first ever waterproof wrist watches with an “oyster shell” design. It has also pioneered in releasing a watch that automatically changes week days and dates. It should be noted that all the Rolex’ mechanisms and details are personalized and manufactured within the company’s walls. One of the world’s most famous Swiss-made watches for ladies is Oyster Perpetual Datejust (116243). It has a magnifying glass over a date, a gold case and bracelet, and the invention of the company, Triplock – a screw-on head with a triple-sealing system. Check another Oyster watch by Rolex on Amazon!

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Omega is one of the leading manufacturers of expensive watches and also a famous record holder: as for today, it has got 72 records overall! Omega watches are distinguished by their accuracy. For example, not so long ago, the brand presented a Co-Axial watch which is able to maintain high accuracy for a long time thanks to eliminating friction in the mechanism. Constellation SEDNA is a notable model among all the Omega’s Swiss watches for men and women. This limited-edition watch is made from an alloy of gold, copper and palladium and contains at least 75% of gold. It is complemented by an alligator bracelet. The watch has got a transparent back cover as well. Here’s an example of how it should look like.

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TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is the undisputed leader in the production of sports watches and one of the best watch brands for men and women. Every watch of this brand should pass at least 60 different mechanical and atmospheric tests before going on sale. The brand is distinguished by its luminous hands and marks and a double buckle on a steel bracelet. One of the TAG Heuer’s Carrera models stands out in the most special way because of its rubber strap reminiscent of car tires. Around the dial, there is a tachometer scale made in black and red colors. There’s no doubt that TAG Heuer deserves its place in our list of top watch brands. For Swiss Citizens and people all over the world, enjoying such watches is a great pleasure indeed.

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Longines is a modern brand that successfully combines retro vibes and urban features in its design. Longines women’s and men’s luxury watches will please you with their technical excellence, quality of every detail, unsurpassed accuracy and attractive appearance. Many watches of this brand also have a transparent back cover that allows you to watch the mechanisms work. The most recognizable feature of the brand is its emblem, a winged hourglass. The most notable model is the super-slim ladies watch, L4.743.6.12.0. The gold case and sophisticated, elegant design are main advantages of this item’s design. Unfortunately we haven’t found it on Amazon, but you can still buy Longines’ watches online or look up for this nice option.

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Generally speaking, it is impossible to make a universal list of the best brands since any rating of Swiss branded watches for men and women is a study of personal opinions. Every year, such lists are updated. Brand names change their positions depending on new products, fashion trends and audience. Yet, some brands retain their reputation and take only the highest ranks.

We hope that our article on the best Swiss watch brands seemed useful to you! Now it’s time to look for luxury watches online!