Top 7 iPhone Cases Great for Your Trip

Traveling can sometimes be rather active and involve some climbing or hiking. We, Apple users, tend to be extra cautious with our iPhones and other hi-tech gadgets of this brand. If you want your phone to serve you longer, you should be careful to not break, scratch or drop it. That’s why your iPhone might need some extra security: nobody wants it to fall on the rocks. But in case it does slip out of your pocket, you better put it in a good iPhone case. Travel without any limitations, but first — check our list of the top iPhone accessories!

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for iPhone XR

If you are searching restlessly where to buy an iPhone case, we have made this task even easier. This article provides you with good quality iPhone cases that won’t only save your phone while traveling, but also make you look even sharper than before. For example, check this Spigen armor! For $15.99, you will get a metallic, black, blue or red case with a kickstand and a double protection against any damage.

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X-Doria Defense Shield, iPhone Xs Max

Another option that is a bit more pricey is an X-Doria defense shield. Quite a fancy name for a case, don’t you think? You might possibly be asking, why pay $29.95 when there are plenty cases worth less than $10, so let’s get it clear. The X-Doria’s gear was tested with a 3m drop, and that is quite impressive. Also, your device needs some really cool phone accessories. You just can’t put your iPhone in a balloon rubber, although children do that nowadays on YouTube! And if you’re interested in both security and good looks — you should check this item ASAP.

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Verna iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6S Plus Case

Not all cool iPhone covers need to look like an actual armor. This transparent super slim case will do its thing and also let you enjoy the sight of the original iPhone design. It is lightweight and flexible, with an extra protection on the corners, and costs only $9.99 — which is rather democratic compared to the previous one. Is it the best iPhone case for traveling? It might not be, if you are a hardcore hiker or if you are going to drop your phone all over the cobbled roads of Europe. In all other situations — it will be just fine.

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LUOLNH iPhone 5& iPhone 5s Se Case

For those iPhone users who feel girly today and are looking for some cool phone accessories, this case made by LUOLNH must be it. A cute floral pattern on the back of your device punctuates your great taste and delicate nature. Check this bending and shock-absorbing iPhone case that costs only $7.99!

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ESR Metal Kickstand Case for iPhone XS/X

Vertical and horizontal stands. Multiple angles. Drop protection that will guard your device from any damage. That’s right, you can get this all when ordering a case from ESR! This is one of the most fashionable of iPhone travel accessories. Just look at its glossy back! For the metal stand, good protection and a great feeling in a hand you will pay only $18.99. We suggest you buy this case, grab your iPhone, travel to some great countries and stop worrying about your phone’s safety forever!

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i-Blason iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone 7 Plus Case

Another great example of really cool iPhone covers is this full-body case. Ladies, kids and everyone who like to feel glamour will appreciate this one as well! Multiple layers and shock-absorbent qualities of the bumper provide great protection, and the front cover will save your display from any scratches and cracks. If you have ever been thinking about buying new iPhone cases, 2019 is the best year to finally start showing some love to your device. The cost of this cover is $21.99 — which isn’t really much, when it comes to safety!

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FXXXLTF Case for iPhone XR

When looking for a more unisex iPhone full-body cover, this is a match for everybody who is interested in keeping their phone safe. For $18.99 you will get a great design and 360° protection. Among other iPhone case brands, FXXXLTF really delivers a good quality, so you can be sure: you have found your best iPhone case for traveling!

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In conclusion we can say that when it comes to the question, what is the best iPhone case, there is a lot to be told, but it actually doesn’t matter. All of these cases fulfill their goal more or less, so the best one for you is the one that will keep it undamaged and safe whether you drop it on the ground while having a city tour or throw it from the 2nd floor of your hotel in a moment of rage (just kidding, this is never a good idea, do you even like iPhones?!). Right now, you can browse the cool iPhone covers listed above and make your own choice!