Top 7 Hotels in Beijing

Traveling to Asia isn’t really expensive. In fact, Asian countries offer you the best possibilities to feel luxurious without any need to spend much. China is a great example of the land where you can afford a lot of great things without a feeling that you pay much for nothing. The first city that comes to mind when willing to go to China is, of course, Beijing.

The Chinese capital is long known for its unique and authentic destinations, lively streets with flocks of people and crazy traffic, delicious food (you will consume tons of it shamelessly!) and reasonable prices. Beijing accommodation is also considered rather inexpensive. Of course it’s more pricey than some rural Chinese towns, but compared to American or some European hotels — well, you truly pay less to get more.

When traveling to Beijing, where to stay is the most common question. The city is huge with a highly developed tourism industry, so the options for accommodation are endless. Are you experiencing any problems with finding a place to stay? Then, in this article you can check information on the list of hotels in Beijing.

Lama Temple Courtyard Hotel

This is really interesting, but the number of 3-star hotels in Beijing isn’t really high. This might be caused by the pricing of accommodation services in China, but you will find a lot of 4-star hotels for even cheaper price. So, why call yourself a 3, when you can be a 4? Still, 3-star hotels possess rural vibes that aren’t common for the big ones. This small Lama Temple Courtyard Hotel is situated by the Chinese temple and is surrounded by wonderful gardens. The interior decorations might seem a bit of “too much”, but they radiate with Chinese culture and illustrate the aesthetic of this wonderful land.

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Kelly‘s Courtyard Hotel

This 3-star hotel might make you feel nostalgic as it takes you back to your grandma’s country house: it doesn’t look modern or particularly fashionable, but it is full of coziness and nice surprises. It is also really small: the number of rooms available will make you feel really special and intimate. Kelly‘s Courtyard Hotel has made it into our list of Beijing hotel recommendations because it might be a nice option for students and for everyone else who prefers a well-priced accommodation.

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Jianguo Hotel Beijing

You know what this 4-star Jianguo Hotel is known for? The garden. All the year round it provides you with picturesque and lively view of flowers and trees. The food here is good, the rooms are clean and tidy, and it has a very good fitness center and a short access to the subway. Although there is no pool, we list it among our Beijing hotel recommendations for its great service and moderate pricing.

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Sunworld Hotel Beijing

Although this 4-star hotel is not situated in Beijing directly, Sunflower Hotel is great for those who would like to save up some money and escape from the never-ending hustle and bustle of the capital. As the guests have a 5-minute access to the subway station, it won’t be difficult to get to the capital center in minutes. Among other places to stay in Beijing or in its suburbs, Sunflower Hotel is the most recommended for its price, wellness and fitness center, along with great service.

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Ritan Hotel Beijing

Have you ever seen a 5-star hotel with prices that match European 3-stars? Well, our list of hotels in Beijing is full of such surprises. This decent and comfortable accommodation option offers you a great service for a really nice cost. It is situated in the capital downtown and has lots of facilities for your wellness, comfort and entertainment.

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Kunlun Hotel Beijing

It might not be the best hotel location in Beijing, but the International Airport is just 15 minute drive from the Kunlun Hotel. This speaks a lot for those who get anxious about being late for the plane. This classy and modern 5-star hotel provides you with an indoor pool and more than 10 restaurants for your joy. So when looking for luxury hotels in Beijing, China you should definitely check this one!

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Nuo Hotel Beijing

Among Beijing luxury accommodation, Nuo Hotel stands out the most. Its marble flooring, exquisite interior and expensive decorations will immerse you in the atmosphere of royal China. Being close to the Art District of the city, it has its own gallery space that will make you speechless: well, have you ever seen a hotel that can afford buying some real masterpieces?! You might also find quite comforting that there are fitness and spa centers, as well a couple of ballrooms. Might this be the best hotel in Beijing? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

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All in all, looking for the hotels in Beijing, accommodation options and places to stay, you won’t feel any lack of choice. In fact, there’s too much of them! But traveling to China isn’t expensive, and even the most luxurious hotels are highly affordable for our American and European travelers. We hope that you’ve found our list of hotels in Beijing really useful!