Top 6 Best Smart Suitcases

Nowadays suitcase is an indispensable thing for travellers. It’s a necessity for every person despite the reason of his trip.  Depending on the price they are very different from each other in respect of security. Some models are not equipped with a lock, and such models can be opened only with a special key. That is why modern sellers of suitcases try to do everything to make their product even safer and more useful for people. Therefore today smart suitcases are becoming more popular among those who are keen on travelling.

Moreover, you can face such a problem at the airport as a dead battery so you’re unable to show your boarding pass or even call a taxi. Here’s the reason we should pay more attention to our suitcase which can be of service to you when you do need it.

A list of the greatest smart suitcases worth buying you can see below.

Genius Pack G3.

Genius Pack can be considered as a startup in this market. Its products you often can see on Instagram because of attractive effect and simple design. If you decide to buy this bag you will also get such supplements as lightness while travelling, security and pleasure of your trip that provides you to spend your time without worries.

This suitcase is nice and quite a light device. In addition, a built-in battery for charging smartphones or any other device can become a splendid solution if you face the problem like lack of battery charge. It has USB outputs to be able to charge all your gadgets.

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Numinous London Executive Smart Suitcase

You will forget all your troubles about your baggage again. Numinous London Executive SMART 28’’ is a real computer on wheels. The smart suitcase has a biometric fingerprint scanner on the lock so you can open it using your own finger that provides you easier access to your belongings. It also has built-in scales which will help you to avoid different issues at the check-in.

Fingerprint scanner allows the owner of this great device to open it in the movement of the finger. Moreover, there is a special application with the help of you can open it.

Moreover, this suitcase has a splendid material that is durable and lightweight at the same time.

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Rimowa is a legendary German brand with a unique centuries-old history. The world-famous manufacturer of high-quality reliable Luggage with an incredible and distinctive design. Rimowa Limbo is a classic elegant collection in which German designers and engineers managed to reunite incompatible things: brutal practicality and glamorous sophistication.

Noble gloss on the surface of the case combined with silver details of the decor give the products from the Limbo collection a luxurious appearance.

The body is made of multi-layer technological polycarbonate, which can withstand extreme loads and sudden temperature changes, and as for the aluminum-magnesium frame integrated into the body makes Rimowa Limbo Luggage indestructible. Firmly fastened with rivets aluminum lining provides additional protection of the corners of the body. The top of this suitcase is equipped with semi-automatic tool to hold an additional bag.

The main feature of Rimowa smart suitcase is the ability to track your luggage through the special app on your smartphone. Besides, all products of Limbo collection have a unique code and trademark confirming the originality of the product.

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G-RO Carry-on Luggage

G-RO combines not only modern technical filing but also the original design. The thing is that the developers decided to replace the unreliable zip to a more advanced roller system, in which the top of the suitcase just moves sideways and closes in the closed state with a conventional or code lock. All the clever filling is built into the handle.

This suitcase equipped with GPS module that tracks the location of your device. The display scales for activation of which it is necessary to lift your luggage by the handle and two USB-ports connected to a removable power Bank with a capacity of 10 000. The gadget has a stylish appearance and is made of high quality polycarbonate, providing strength and lightness.

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Zz Pro Electric 24-inch Suitcase

Zz Pro is a suitcase with a unique feature that can carry your Luggage for a comfortable and fast movement at the airport, shopping centre, railway station and otherwise. The speed of transport is good, for about 15 km / h, that is 3-4 times faster than while on foot. The design of the suitcase is such that it allows you to use a remote control. In addition, the commodious bag has many useful accompaniments. The suitcase has a built-in panel that allows you to monitor the battery level and USB ports for charging various gadgets, for example, a phone or a speaker.

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Cateep Travel Laptop Backpack 35L

That is a smart option for a very good price which is below 50$. It is not only a suitcase or a just a large messenger bag, but also a super suitcase allowing you to carry up to 35L on your back. Furthermore, is can be easily taken to a cabin and has a USB charging port. For those who are searching for something cheap, compact and reasonable.

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