Top 5 Travel Shirts 2019

You can travel in different ways. It can be a trip abroad, to a nearby resort or just a trip out of town. But everywhere we want to look stylish, and most importantly comfortable.
Now we will take a look at the main characteristics of fabrics, and then show you the 10 best shirts we have found.

The material should be breathable, absorb moisture well, dry quickly and weather-resistant. The most popular types of fabric will be described below.

Polyester, nylon and viscose are the most widely used materials.
Pros: the cloth breathes and it is moisture absorbing.
Cons: quality is much lower than cotton products.

Cotton :
This textile is widely used in all kinds of clothing. Cotton is often compared to nylon and polyester, mainly due to the fact that this fabric absorbs moisture and dries slowly. However, this fabric has significant advantages being soft, durable and breathable.

Silk :
This chic fabric will deliver a real pleasure to its owner.
The main disadvantage of silk is its fragility, and in all other respects it is almost perfect fabric.

Cotton and polyester :
This mix is one of the most common types of textile, which provides a very convenient and light clothing.
Nevertheless, it does not absorb moisture and dries slowly.

There are so-called plastic or double fabrics. Here is an example: silk is pasted on top of another fabric such as cotton. These types of fabrics are designed to emphasise the pros and reduce the significant cons of the two different materials.

Let’s move on to the shirts.

Orvis Men’s EZ-Cool Poplin Mini-Check

It’s unlikely you will pick up a long sleeve shirt in summer. Especially in the heat, but this item will not only save you from burning in the sun but also help people with excessive sweating. And all these thanks to the patented treated material, which removes moisture and helps to keep the same temperature.

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Toad & Co Ventilair LS

Want to look cool and not be afraid of unpleasant smell, which can disturb people around you? Then you should pick up this thing! Air conditioning is how you can describe the main feature of the product. Organic wicks of cotton fabric will help to avoid being sweat, what is more, the reflective technology will allow you to feel comfortable in the sun.

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Patagonia Men’s Squeaky Clean Polo

A stylish shirt that can be worn either for a hike or a business meeting. This ultra-soft model stands out as one of the best travel shirts. It is 100% cotton and ideal for those who are always on the go.

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Pacific Legend (Hawaii)

This shirt is perfect for traveling to remote islands. From the first look, this shirt may seem slightly thick, but in fact, it is made of natural fabric that even gives a chill to your skin. With a large selection of colors, as well as amazing durability, it would be a great choice for a traveler. The main drawback is a huge number of fakes on the market. Authentic Hawaiians are made of poplin, and their buttons are made of coconut shells.

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Green Cat Neutral Ladies Long Sleeve T-Shirt

No wonder every woman wants to look elegant, so this product will definitely add her image. It is a stylish shirt made of organic cotton, which makes it elastic, light and quick-drying. Furthermore, it has more than 10 colors and an affordable price tag.

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