Top 5 Places to Visit in Moscow

Moscow is the very heart of the Russian Federation not only in terms of administration, but in terms of culture as well. Many important historical and architectural objects that first come to you mind when you think about Russia are located in its capital and bring joy and amusement to the travelers from all over the world.

In our article, we have gathered information on the best places to visit in Moscow. There are 5 attractions that are highly worthy of your interest. In fact, we strongly recommend that you check them all during your Moscow holidays!

Red Square, GUM and St. Basil’s Cathedral

The main Moscow attraction is undoubtedly the Red Square. This is the main meeting point in Russia that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Standing on the Red Square, you will certainly feel delighted and impressed by all the architectural beauty that surrounds you.

In addition to the walls of the Kremlin, there is much more to admire and visit. After all, Moscow tourism is very well developed. On the Red Square, you can see the colorful beauty of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Its domes look like ice cream cones or a gingerbread house! It is a very well-known sight and you might have seen it on Russian postcards. Opposite to the Kremlin, there is the GUM – a mall where you can immerse in the bright and funny atmosphere of the Soviet Union while having a great time.

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Cathedral (Sobornaya) Square of the Kremlin

The second place in our top places to visit in Moscow goes to the very heart of the Kremlin, the Cathedral Square or Sobornaya Square. Any list of Moscow points of interest would include this historic and architectural attraction. Here, you will admire the oldest cathedrals and churches of Moscow. A long time ago, the capital was born exactly here, inside these red-brick walls.

Each church or cathedral on the Sobornaya Square is of historical value. You are welcome to sit in a beautiful park while admiring the masterpieces of Russian architecture. Also, you can see the legendary Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell. All in all, your visit to Moscow and Sobornaya Square in particular will give you lots of inspiration and pleasure.

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Zamoskvorechye district and the State Tretyakov Gallery

Another great attraction among top 5 places to visit in Moscow is a pedestrian route that goes through the beautiful old area of Moscow, Zamoskvorechye district. You are welcome to walk down the Pyatnitskaya Street and Bolshaya Ordynka Street. From here, you can access the Kremlin in minutes as well.

Literally two blocks from Pyatnitskaya Street there is the main art gallery that you’ll find in each and every Moscow travel guide, the Tretyakov Gallery. The works of famous Russian artists are gathered under its roof. Here, you will see such paintings as Repin “They Did Not Expect Him”, Savrasov “The Rooks Have Come Back”, Serov “Girl with Peaches”, Shishkin “Morning in a Pine Forest”, as well as the most famous works of Aivazovsky, Kuinji, Vrubel, Kramskoy and other legendary artists.

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All-Russian Exhibition Center

Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva (VDNKh) is another example of Soviet Union’s past that was successfully transformed into a modern Moscow attraction that looks very progressive indeed. Its original name is translated as “the exhibition of achievements of the national economy”, and nowadays it works as a modern exhibition park where everyone can find some interesting things to see. In Moscow, there aren’t many places where you can enjoy being away from crowds; however, VDNKh is so vast that it literally doesn’t matter if there are many people around. In the VDNKh, you can see the Druzhba Narodov fountain that represents the friendship between Soviet republics. Here, you can literally lose track of time. Check the many halls of VDNKh and various exhibitions, visit the largest aquarium in Russia (the Moskvarium), and don’t forget about the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. After VDNKh, the question “Where to go in Moscow?” will be present no more.

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Sparrow Hills

For people who do not live in the Russian capital, it may be difficult to imagine how it actually looks like from above. Because of the metro that makes you move under the ground most of the time, Moscow does not seem to be a wholesome city, but rather a group of divided objects scattered across the map. That is why the observation deck on the Sparrow Hills is the final place in our list of things to see in Moscow.

This site offers views of the Russian capital, including the Seven Sisters, the Ostankino TV tower, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin, a monument to Peter I and much more. It’s really hard to overlook the modern residential complex named Moscow City that looks especially thrilling at night.

Sparrow Hills is also a park area where you can walk and admire the Moskva River. From here, you can access the Gorky Park in no time, so this is a nice destination in your Moscow tour. Finally, the observation deck is located opposite the Moscow State University which is also very famous indeed.

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