Top 5 Hotels in Paris for a Romantic Trip

The spring has just begun, so you better start thinking on your next travel! What do we associate with this season? Of course, love and romance. Invite your special one on a date and offer them the most romantic trip of your life: a trip to France and its capital, Paris!

The atmosphere in Paris is absolutely incredible. You can truly feel love in the air. Strolling down the streets, feeling an appetizing aroma of a freshly-baked bread, enjoying the sight of blooming flowers, you will fall in love with your beloved person one more time. But the city of Paris is only half the success; indeed, after a long romantic walk you will need to come back to your hotel. And in your hotel, nothing will distract you from each other.

Accommodation in Paris is the most important part of your journey. As a couple, you need a place to exchange your impressions, express your affection to each other and also give yourself to romantic vibes. For the sake of all the loving couples in the world, we have collected the very best Paris hotels for a romantic trip. Keep reading to learn something new about Paris accommodation!

3-star hotels in Paris

Hôtel La Nouvelle République

This 3-star Paris hotel is in a perfect location: on the quiet street full of bars and restaurants, close to the transport links such as bus and metro stations. As for the prices, it is rather a cheap hotel. Paris has a lot to enjoy and admire, but the noises of the vibrant city can make your trip exhausting. In a cozy and peaceful place like that, you won’t be distracted from your love.

On the first floor, you can have hot drinks and bottled water for free. You should also enjoy a typical French buffet breakfast on a balcony facing the street. Don’t forget to relax in a beautifully-decorated lounge! Finally, the interior is high-class European, with lots of flowers and pretty details, so almost everything in this hotel screams: love and be loved!

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Urban Bivouac Hotel

One more 3-star option for Paris is the Urban Bivouac Hotel that can be found in a 5-minute drive from Gare de Lyon and Opéra Bastille. Down the street, there are supermarkets and restaurants, and early in the morning you can head out for a short walk and come back with a couple of fresh croissants for your beloved. As for the quality-price ratio, this is the best hotel in Paris: for this money, you will get a great service, the friendliest staff, clean rooms and any help that you might need!

The newly-furnished rooms with wooden decor beam with authentic vibes. In this hotel, it is just so pleasant to look at the little French street while drinking your coffee. This amazing Paris accommodation is very close to the metro station too, which makes it super easy for access straight from the airport!

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4-stars hotels in Paris

Okko Hotels Paris Porte De Versailles

It will take you 30 minutes full of romance and love to get from the Okko Hotels Paris to the Eiffel Tower. Sounds like a journey worth trying, right? This 4-star Paris hotel and its blindingly bright rooms offer you a feeling of freedom and cleanliness that will make your mood better from the start of your day. You are also welcome to try the hotel fitness center or attend a sauna. After that, you should attend a shared lounge where you can sit at the computer, read a book or study a variety of Parisian wines and beers.

For breakfast, this deluxe hotel offers you a very good and regularly replenished buffet with well-researched organic products. And in the evening you are welcome to have a free Apéritif with local cheeses, meats, pies and a glass of wine. Such dinner will make you and your love feel like you’re in a fairytale!

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Hotel Le Mareuil

Situated in a 10-minute walk from Gare de l’Est and Opéra Bastille and in a 20-minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral, this is possibly the best hotel in Paris regarding the location. This eco-friendly 4-star hotel is perfect for exploring the French capital! From here, you can walk with your love hand in hand past lively restaurants and blossoming gardens, and it will be especially satisfying to come back to a cozy room with a nice contemporary decor. On a cold day, you can attend a spa sauna to warm up. And on a warm day, welcome to your balcony where you can spend hours just watching the people pass by!

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5-star hotels in Paris

Le Bristol Paris – an Oetker Collection Hotel

The difference between luxurious 5-star hotels in Paris and more humble 4-star ones is so drastic that if you switch from one to another, you’ll feel like you are in a completely another world. In a short walk from Champs Elysées and La Madeleine Place, there is a hotel called Le Bristol Paris that almost looks royal. Each room is huge, includes a wide sitting area, and looks more like apartments. You will find fresh flowers anywhere. Grab your special one and go up on the roof where you’ll find an outdoor pool with a panoramic view on the city and Eiffel tower! Le Bristol Paris surely takes the highest place in each and every list of the best hotels in Paris as it is truly gorgeous. Although it doesn’t spare your money, you won’t even think of that: the luxurious experience of love and being loved costs much more.

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In Paris, the time goes slightly different than in any other city. As they say, lovers’ time runs faster than the clock. You will feel like your trip to Paris has ended very fast, but at the same time you will live a whole another life there together with your beloved one. We hope that our Paris hotels review has helped you with planning on how to make your love happy!