Top 5 Hotels in Maldives

Visiting Maldives is a dream for many tourists around the world. This exotic and luxurious trip will leave you with unforgettable memories about golden beaches, magical flora and fauna, diving tours and high-class Maldives spa hotels.

The Maldivian service is almost legendary, too. There’s no other place in the world that makes you feel like a living god, except the Maldives. That’s why this travel destination is so popular among honeymooners and newly-married couples: the sweet and romantic vibes are just spilling over and make the archipelago’s atmosphere even more heavenly.

Accommodation in Maldive islands is so diversified that is might even cause difficulties as you’ll be finding perfect options one after another. So we need to decide in what direction we seek to plan your stay. The first thing that comes to the travelers’ minds as they start planning their trip is which island is best to stay in Maldives. As the islands are really small, they are rented out to the hotels and villas, so basically the question about the best island is also a question about the best hotel deals in Maldives.

Of course, the islands are great, as well as the hotels, so there’s no simple answer. They all vary in activities, destinations and prices. But we have gathered enough courage to present you our own list of the best hotels in Maldives! So let’s have a look at our top-5 picks!

Biyadhoo Island Resort

If you are strongly into diving, we recommend that you look up a Biyadhoo resort. On the Maldives, expensive hotels are not in deficiency, but this 3-star hotel can truly become your best bet. Your stay at Biyadhoo Island Resort will include water sports, such as snorkeling and windsurfing, wellness facilities, and picturesque tropics all around the area. The instructors in the diving school can help you with your first dip into the ocean anytime.

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Meeru Island Resort & Spa

This is the best accommodation in Maldives that has 4 stars. During your stay at the Meeru Island Resort, you will enjoy the turquoise waters of the ocean and the soft golden sand. You can play tennis, do some diving or snorkeling and relax at the spa and wellness center. There are so many facilities that staying here is your safest bet among other Maldives hotels. Booking Meeru Island Resort & Spa is not cheap, but still relatively affordable in comparison to the 5-star accommodation options.

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Kandolhu Maldives

If you are a huge fan of gourmet dishes, you should check Kandolhu resort. This great 5-star hotel offers you rooms with panoramic ocean views and a direct access to the beachfront. There are 5 restaurants on the island serving the tastiest dishes that will make any foodie happy. There are Japanese, Mediterranean, international and Maldivian cuisines as well as a seafood grill. Among other Maldives accommodation deals, Kandolhu resort might not be the cheapest, but it is one of the most fabulous for sure.

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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

When having your honeymoon, head for Veligandu Island, because, well, it is just exceptionally good. Any list of the top luxury hotels in Maldives should include this luxe 5-star hotel, because Veligandu Island Resort & Spa offers you everything you ever wanted from the Maldivian romance. During your stay here, you will be strolling along the coast barefoot holding the hand of your lover as the sun goes down. In the evening, you will have the best dinner in your life right under the stars. This is one of the Maldives expensive hotels, for sure. But in the long run, every moment here will be worth ten thousand times more.

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Kurumba Maldives

And for a family stay we recommend you to book Kurumba resort. This lux hotel in Maldives has its own kids club that runs from 9 AM till 6 PM, so your little ones will always be entertained. You can enjoy a spa center with all kinds of services, a fitness center to keep you fit and healthy, a swimming pool with fountains for your children, and even a restaurant with live music. On the beach, you will watch sunsets every day. In a list of the best hotels in Maldives for families, Kurumba should be on top.

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Sure, the best island to stay on in Maldives is the one that is perfect for you, your needs and budget. After you check the list of all hotels in Maldives, booking is almost inevitable: how can you resist the incredible beauty of Maldives? So leave all your hesitation behind and start planning the best trip of your life!