Top 5 Best Zoos in the World

There is a lot of entertaining ways to brighten up the family trip, but one of the most favorite activities is still visiting zoos. Both children and adults will love attending a place where hundreds or even thousands of animal species can be observed and admired!

However, many animal defenders are trying to close zoos. Indeed, in some of them the conditions for keeping animals are inadequate. Still, this isn’t true for modern zoos in progressive countries: in such places, animals live better than people and don’t ever suspect that they are in the center of a metropolis!

Today, you will learn about the top 5 best zoos in the world. Let’s find out where you can go with your little ones and be sure that you support a humane animal handling!

Berlin Zoo

The Zoological Garden of Berlin (situated in the Tiergarten district) is so well-known that it gave its name to the city’s railway station. One of the 5 top zoos in our article, Berliner Zoo was opened in 1844. Today, it is not only one of the largest zoos in the world with a total area of 35 hectares, but also the most versatile on the planet. More than 14,000 animals and 1,400 species are represented here. On its territory, you can find a 3-storey aquarium where you will see crocodiles, insects, and all types of fish. To feel like you live under the sea, take a ride in an elevator inside the aquarium!

Visitors are also recommended to visit the Alfred Brehm pavilion, where they are welcome to observe snakes, large predators and lizards. And in another pavilion, which is almost as big as an airport in size, you will see birds and bats. However, the greatest delight in this Germany’s top zoo is seeing open areas where animals live and walk freely. Before your eyes, tigers and lions, bison and llamas, buffaloes, deer and camels are walking slowly their daily routes for food and water. They are separated from visitors only by a moat. Last, but not least – you can also witness malay bears in Berliner Zoo!

It also breeds endangered animal species as well: for example, Luzon hornbills and tuatara lizards. If you are ever going to Berlin, we highly recommend you to visit this best zoo in Germany. There’s literally no other place in the world like this one. To make sure your trip is highly comfortable and convenient, try staying at this high-class 5-star InterContinental Berlin hotel – the windows of your room might be facing the zoo or the water channel!

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Ranua Zoo

The second one in our world zoo ranking, the unique wildlife park Ranua is located in Finland. It is the northernmost zoo in the world. There are about 60 species of Arctic animals living here, including rare and wonderful polar bears. There are no exotic animals from the tropics; nevertheless, you can enjoy northern fauna – musk oxen, arctic foxes and wolverines, moose and reindeer, lynx and

raccoons, as well as many other species. There are no cages for birds: they fly freely while living in nests and birdhouses.

In fact, this snow-covered coniferous forest near the Arctic Circle is home to all the animals listed above, and people have made it into a wildlife park to protect them and let you enjoy nature. During your visit to the zoo, you can choose between two routes: the first one is 3 kilometer long and waves deep in the forest; the second one is along the wooden decks that are lifted at a height between the trees.

During the Christmas holidays, mini-snowmobiles and reindeer or dog sleds are available at the Ranua wildlife park. There’s no doubt it is one of the best zoos that you will ever visit. When looking for a nice accommodation near it, check this 3-star Holiday Village Gulo Gulo. It will provide you with nice apartments, and the park is only 10 minutes away!

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London Zoo

The London Zoo was created for scientific research in 1828. It is the oldest scientific zoo in the world and it is subordinated to the Zoological Society of London. It is located in the very heart of the city – in the Regents Park. 19 years after its founding, it became available for public, and since 1920’s, it is considered one of the best zoos in Europe.

We must pay tribute to the British scientists as they managed to save lots of rare or endangered species: for example, pink pigeons. More than 16,000 animals live here. If you want to see them all, you’ll be wandering around the zoo for hours! The territory is divided into geographical zones, so that animals feel comfortable in their spacious open-air cages. The most popular places are the otter aviary and the butterfly garden. You can also watch the animals’ feeding or attend entertaining lectures.

By the way, the scene from the “Harry Potter” movie where the boy has begun to speak to a snake and it eventually escaped was shot exactly in the London Zoo! Just please don’t try repeating what Harry did – the Zoological Society of London won’t bear another loss of a reptile.

There’s no doubt London Zoo passes as one of the greatest places in the capital of Great Britain. If you are looking for a place where you can stay for a night or two as you enjoy the zoo’s lengths and breadths, check Holiday Inn London Camden Lock – a 4-star hotel that is situated in a 15-minute walk away from the place of your interest!

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Prague Zoo

The travelers who happened to visit the Prague Zoo agree on its beauty and diversity and say unanimously that it is the best zoo they’ve been to. And, indeed, no wonder people like it so much: on the territory of 60 hectares, over 600 species from all over the world live together under the careful supervision of the zoo’s workers.

The zoo parks and areas are located on several levels. In warm seasons, the transfer between them is carried out by cable cars. First of all, we would like to advise you visiting the famous “Indonesian jungle” area. In this unique greenhouse, orangutans are swinging on rope-thick lianas and Komodo dragons are hiding in tropics. It is so warm and wet in here that your glasses (if you wear ones) will get fogged in seconds.

If you feel too hot, we suggest you move to a penguin pavilion. Apart from that, there’s an African savannah, desert, mountains, Amazonian swamps and a dozen other regions ahead. Don’t forget to visit the zoo’s online webpage to learn more about the working hours and possible routes!

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When planning a trip to Prague, choose a hotel that is nearest to the zoo. For example, Prague Letna Apartments is just a 5-10 minute ride away. This 4-star apartment complex will provide you with the most comfortable accommodation!

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Singapore Zoo

Finally, the first place in our top 5 best zoos in the world goes to the Singapore Zoo. This is one of the most beautiful and large open-air zoos that has collected a unique collection of rare animals. We can rightfully say that most of other places just fade away when compared to this one in Singapoure.

There are absolutely no grids and cells. Supposedly, 2500 animals do not even suspect that they live in the middle of a city! They are protected from curious visitors only by moats filled with water and transparent walls. In the Singapore zoo, there’s not just usual walk between open-air cages: you will also be offered to ride a boat, a miniature train, or a scooter.

Do not miss the chance to get close to the inhabitants of the zoo. For instance, in the Singapore Zoo, tickets available for different activities: for example, a breakfast with the orangutan family, a dinner with the lemur, and a giraffe feeding! If you manage to bypass all 11 thematic zones in one day, we will be proud of you!

Also, guests of the zoo can celebrate a birthday here, a holiday and even hold a wedding celebration. Just imagine having a honeymoon in Singapore and visiting the zoo with your fiancée! The Singapore Zoo ticket price begins from SGD $40 adults and SGD $26 children. However, if you attend to a particular program or show at the Singapore Zoo, discount tickets are highly possible.

When looking for an accommodation in Singapore, check Belllo Hotel JB Central. It might be situated in quite a long journey from the zoo, but you will like it regardless!

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