Top 10 Italian Shoe Brands to Buy Online

Italy has got a lot of things to be proud of: for example, ancient historical monuments, magnificent Renaissance art, gorgeous cuisine, wonderful vineyards and the best racing cars. Italian shoes for women and men can stand in the same row with these leading “brands”. Moreover, some of the names in this industry have long become synonyms to art of creating beauty.

Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander Hotto – behind each brand, there is its own history. As a rule, any shoe brand has started as a family business and further grown into a large-scale production. In the 20th century, shoe houses began to appear one after another, conquering the European and then the global market.

Historically, the “shoe” region of Italy is Marche and Milan. The vast majority of shoe factories and companies can be found there. However, in the modern world, there is no need for going to a shopping tour and buying shoes in Italy. You can buy high-quality Italian shoes in online stores instead! There’s no doubt it will affect your travel experience and boost your confidence during your upcoming trip.

Without further ado, let’s see our top 6 Italian shoe brands to buy online.

Salvatore Ferragamo

If you make a list of the main Italian shoe brands, the legendary fashion house of Salvatore Ferragamo should go first. Ferragamo himself was known as “the king of shoemakers and the shoemaker of kings”. This Italian master is also known as the “Leonardo Da Vinci” in the shoe world. Many important inventions in the shoe industry belong to him. For example, it was Salvatore Ferragamo who first made wedge shoes and stilettos. Actually, stiletto heels by Salvatore Ferragamo are considered the most comfortable women’s shoes made in Italy. When interested, you are welcome to check some of the brand’s products on Amazon: look at these cool Italian sneakers for men

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or amazing black leather shoes for women

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Italian shoe brands are most often a family story. It applies to the Ballin brand as well. It was born in post-war Italy in 1945 when brothers Guido and Giorgio set up a small shoe factory in their home’s attic. Their philosophy was based on the idea that shoes are not an addition to the look but its main part instead. What distinguishes Ballin from other brands is that each pair of its Italian leather shoes is handmade. “We produce only 20-30 pairs per day,” says designer Roberto Barina, “but I can vouch for each of them.” Although Ballin can’t be found on Amazon, there are plenty of other online stores that will provide you with perfect Italian leather shoes.


Of course, the fashion house of Valentino is better known for their ready-to-wear clothes, but their Italian boots are definitely one of the best offers in the premium market. And their Italian sneakers have already become a true classic thanks to their minimalistic design, high quality, a wide choice of colors and, of course, incredible convenience. Finding Valentino in online stores might be challenging, but we will suggest you check this stunning pair of ankle-strapped shoes for women.

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Sergio Rossi

Popular brands also include Sergio Rossi, which is owned by a world-famous company of Gucci. This brand exists since 1968 and specializes in luxury products. A wide assortment of Sergio Rossi includes fashionable Italian boots, sandals and stilettos, clogs and wedges. Special attention is paid to the durability and comfort of wear. Stylistic details and decorations are important for the designers as well. When it comes to Italian shoes for men and women, shopping at Sergio Rossi is a wonderful opportunity for you to buy a product that is not just luxurious or good-looking, but also high-quality. If you are looking for a cute pair of Italian shoes for ladies, check these out! Such multi-colored sandals will brighten up your summer look

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Also, we all know that Sergio Rossi’s high heels are magnificent – these ones are no exception!

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Giuseppe Zanotti Design

Sexy, bold, bright, futuristic and rock’n’roll, that’s how you describe a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes. Back in 1994, Giuseppe Zanotti felt uncomfortable to present his first collection in Italy, so he went to New York that was friendlier towards exotics. The presentation at the Plaza Hotel was a success, and the very first client of the young Italian designer was Madonna herself. Since then, this Italian shoe brand is a must-have for any celebrity. Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and Rihanna prefer Zanotti shoes over other made-in-Italy brands. Just see those gorgeous pieces of art to understand why! For example, check these blue high-heels

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or top-fashion sneakers for ladies

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Aren’t they to die for?!


When we talk about shoes made in Italy, we should remember some of the men’s wear. Another example of a successful family business is the Fabi brand. The story here is not uncommon: two brothers created their first pair of men’s shoes in 1965. Pretty soon, the brand gained its recognition. Already in 1972, manufacturers opened a large factory. Since then, Fabi has rapidly grown and increased its popularity. Fabi’s Italian sandals for men perfectly combine the excellent quality and unsurpassed style. You can find both classic conservative looks and quite extraordinary models as well. In Amazon, you better check this pair of black leather shoes

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to see if you like the style.

That was all for today’s list of top 6 Italian shoe brands to buy online! We hope you liked it and maybe even picked something for yourself or your upcoming journey! Mostly, these shoes are seen as luxurious products that are rather difficult to afford. But you only live once, so stop saving up and let yourself be spoiled!