Tips for Assembling a Travel Medicine Kit

Apart from your passport ID and health insurance, possibly the most important thing to have during your travel is a first aid kit. When we say it is a matter of life and death, we aren’t even joking. The lovers of extreme ad exotic tourism know for sure that traveling with medicine might make a huge difference, especially when something threatens your health.

Here, we will discuss travel tips including basic lists of medicine that you will need to bring with you on the way. Keep reading our article “Tips for Assembling a Travel Medicine Kit” to learn how to pack medication for travel and see the full list of things in a first aid kit!

Traveling with Medication Internationally


Various medicine pills and capsules in plastic container

At first, traveling abroad might seem quite safe for you unless you’ll be heading for some distant places where there’s no civilization at all. However, even if you aren’t going to camp or hike deep in the woods, a basic first aid list is still a must-have.

Before you even start assembling the medicines, you should think very carefully of where you head for, access to which supplies you will have there, what water and cuisine will be present and so on. Sure, mountaineering will require having the whole range of drugs, including the first aid for altitude sickness, the antihistamines for bites and stings, antiseptics, sunscreen and so on. And, on the contrary, touring a metropolis is less dangerous, so the chance of your using a kit isn’t very high (unless it is a city in Africa or India, where the unsanitary conditions are quite common).

Basic Medicine List

Of course, before going on a travel, you should check what things should be in a first aid kit. Don’t forget to go through the full medicine list for travel in advance as buying drugs in another country might be very challenging, more expensive or almost impossible in case the place of your stay is very remote and faraway.

So, what should be there in a first aid box? Apart from the drugs we have already mentioned, don’t forget to take the analgesics for relieving the pain, the pills for treating cold and flu, blister patches in case you hurt your legs from too much walking and so on. The full travel health kit list is quite long, so we highly recommend that you check what to bring when traveling on any website dedicated to personal safety and health.

How to Pack Medicine for Travel

Packing medication for travel might be a deciding factor not only of your well-being during the trip, but self-organization in critical situations as well. If something happens, you will want to take the kit out quickly to minimize the pain and risks. In our tips for assembling a travel medicine kit, we would also like to talk about different ways of bringing the first aid kit in a carry-on luggage.
Be prepared that some of the items, for instance, tweezers, scissors and safety pins, may not be allowed into the cabin. Also, having a smaller first aid kit in your backpack is more comfortable as it saves up some space and doesn’t weigh much. That’s why assembling the drugs and supplies yourself might be not as convenient as purchasing a pre-made kit: the latter ones are already organized and come in all sorts of sizes.

If you’re interested in safe and neat storing of your medication when travelling, consider checking this small lightweight medic pouch. It is so light that you’ll forget having it on your side or in your backpack! It also has all the things that you’ll need both in a city tour and on a camping route.

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And if you’re more into assembling a travel medicine kit all by yourself (for example, if you have restrictions or allergies regarding particular drugs), check this Lanticy pouch that comes in different colors and can fit quite a lot of supplies.

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When you go on a tour with your baby, the question “What to take when traveling?” is even more recent as you need to keep an eye on your child and be ready to come at rescue anytime. For that purpose, you can have lots of options for pre-assembled kits fitting newborns’ special care. For instance, you can check this one or browse Amazon for some more options.

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These were all the first aid kit tips that we had for today. We hope it helped you a lot! Remember: if you feel not like yourself lately, you should try and head for a journey. When your life becomes too tiring and boring, travel is the best medicine.