Tips and Tricks on Visiting London

Every year, the capital of the United Kingdom attracts thousands of people from all over the world. The guests appreciate the incredibly beautiful parks, museums, a rich history and infrastructure of the modern metropolis. Just open any London travel guide and you’ll be amazed how diverse the British places of interest are!

In this article, we will consider all the tips and tricks on visiting London.

Getting the Visa & Tickets

To get a visa to the UK, you must fill out an application form, pay the fee, collect the necessary documents and bring them to the British Visa Application Center. There are three types of tourist visas to choose from: for children under 18, a family visit and a general visa suitable for all other cases, such as your London vacation.

When buying flight tickets to London, the same rules apply as for any other destination: the cost of the tickets will be cheaper if you buy them several months before the trip.
Now, let’s continue our London city guide by gathering the recommendations on hotels near London and within the city.

Where to Stay in London

At first glance, hotel rooms in London are not cheap. Still, affordable options can always be found. For example, the cheapest hotels in London, UK are hostels. You will need to share a room with one or more neighbors. This way, you will surely save the money and be able to spend it on a London sightseeing tour or a London travel pass. Staying in a hostel will also offer you a unique experience of communicating with people from other countries.

For example, consider booking a night or two in Safestay London Elephant & Castle hostel. This is one of the best discount hotels in London, and staying here is very economical!

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For greater immersion in the atmosphere of the city, booking an apartment is desirable as well. In addition, it is significantly cheaper to live in an apartment for a longer period of time: for example, a month or two.

By the way, you are more than welcome to check Gloucester Street Studios. Tourists love staying here as this apartment is very budget-friendly compared to any other hotel in the London city center!

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Don’t forget that you aren’t necessary obliged to opt for hotels in central London, UK. There are plenty of smaller cities around the metropolis. Especially if you plan lots of weekend trips from London, it might be a good choice to look for hotels near London.

When looking for good-quality bargain hotels near London, see Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport. This 4-star hotel costs just as much as accommodation in the very heart of London; however, it is more convenient, close to the airport, and you will be able to get to London in less than an hour.

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Where to Go in London

There are so many places to visit in London, England that any London guide book will take hundreds of pages to recite them all. During the day, it is nice to take a walk around the city or go to one of the many museums, and in the evening, you are welcome to sit in a pub somewhere in the Soho area. You can book one of the many London tours and enjoy the city with the help of a professional guide. On the other hand, to really deeply fall in love with the capital of England, we highly recommend that you travel around London on your own.

The most recognizable symbol of the city is undoubtedly the Big Ben. This Palace of Westminster’s tower is a world-known England’s business card. It is displayed in almost any London travel brochure. Another special attraction in the history of Great Britain is the former prison of Tower. The Tower Bridge stands opposite the prison; you can walk across it for free. By the way, it offers one of the best views on the city.

One more destination that is enlisted in almost any London travel planner is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is not only a religious building, but also an architectural monument which must be appreciated at least from the outside.

Of course, we have only started a long list of London attractions. Nevertheless, it is more interesting to choose destinations yourself, plan your day in advance, or make a spontaneous walk. Rather than becoming a slave to tight time frames of travel agencies, consider having your own trip where you will be free and unlimited!

Thank you for reading our tips and tricks on visiting London. We hope you will go to the Great Britain anytime soon!