The Best Travel Accessories 2019

Traveling hasn’t really been comfortable in the end of the XX century: you needed to leave your wonderful cozy house and go into the unknown, suffering all the way long for the mere minutes of entertainment and a couple of great photos. There was nothing to do on the way, especially if you had a really long ride. At least 3 suitcases were required for packing, but if you wanted to take one more T-shirt, then you needed 4 suitcases. Of course, you could buy a room in a very expensive hotel to get comfy, but it would affect your budget and take away from the versatility of your traveling experience.

But this time has passed: in 2019 the things changed a lot. Traveling has gone a long way to become efficient, accessible, cheap, and less stressful and demanding. You can take a long bus tour or a bike travel and feel as if you’ve never left your home!
But what exactly will make any trip in 2019 good? We have made a list of the most necessary travel items, available at the online travel gear stores so you won’t ever need to wonder where to buy travel gear.

YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

When planning a trip, you need to pack your stuff first — which is impossible without one of the most useful travel items, a backpack. Let’s see: you need something comfortable, with a large capacity, fitting for computers, laptops and Macbooks, water-resistant and really cool-looking.
YOREPEK offers a great decision: its Extra Large Backpack is designed specifically for travelers. It can open up to 180°, which allows you to pass through airport security checkpoints easier. 45L capacity and more than 20 pockets let you organize your T-shirts better than ever. Solid and breathable material will stay secure and prevent any overheating. So we highly recommend you to check YOREPEK’s bag and make your journey even more fun!
By the way, they have a great discount on travel accessories. Don’t miss your luck!

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

After we packed our stuff, we need to make sure that our smartphones won’t go out of power. Having mobile and Internet connection, as well and some sort of a really basic gaming (Flappy Bird, please come back!) is truly essential to not get bored on the way.
All your smartphones, iPods, tablets and other electrical travel gear will definitely need an external battery, and Xiaomi has a great option for your needs. Its power bank is affordable, good-looking, safe and really lightweight. Using this battery, you will never go offline at the worst possible time. Check Xiaomi’s store for new travel products!

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Leopardd RFID Blocking Mens Wallet

Are you looking for some unique travel accessories for men? Do you think that traveling shouldn’t exclude being stylish? Then you can check this leather wallet that can be a good organizer for your cash, ID and credit cards. It is super slim, so you won’t even feel it in your pocket. It is also protected from electronic data stealing, so you can be sure: no e-thief is going to get your credit cards! Leopardd did a great work: this wallet is definitely among the best travel gear for men.

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BCOZZY Travel Pillow

You know how uncomfortable it can be to sleep in the sitting position on a car/bus/train ride or during a flight. You neck inevitably gets stiff. And when a road is especially jumpy, your head will bounce like crazy while taking a nap without any support. That’s why the supporting pillows are must-have personal travel accessories. BCOZZY’s awesome travel gear will wrap around your neck and prevent your head
from falling forward. It means a great improvement on the quality of your sleep! You can use it at home too when you want to relax your neck muscles. By the way, this support pillow is really soft and bends easily, which makes it highly portable. And last, but not least — you can wash it in the washing machine!

Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

When talking about top travel accessories for women and men, you just can’t skip travel mugs. Water is life, especially when you have a camping or a biking trip or any other type of journey that requires physical activity. So it won’t be extra to say that you need a mug that is really ergonomic, leak- and spill-proof and temperature-saving. Contigo’s gear is possibly the best choice that you can make! If you are interested in buying super cute travel stuff for your kids, Contigo has some great design options for other water bottles as well.

Hopefully our article has helped you in finding the best travel accessories. Europe, Asia, America and other continents will be explored length and breadth with comfort and joy! Make your 2019 the year of traveling!