Places to Visit in St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia is a true heaven for all the lovers of Russian and European culture. It is almost an open-air museum, an architectural and cultural treasury where you can see all the arts combine in wonderful ensembles. The list of attractions of this former Russian capital would take hours to recite.
St Petersburg is known to be the “cultural capital” of Russia as many local artists, writers and poets created world-famous masterpieces of Russian literature, theater and painting. White nights in St Petersburg are particularly pleasing: they are called this way because in summer, it doesn’t get dark all night long. You can enjoy the city during your late night stroll!

For that reason, we highly suggest that you visit Saint Petersburg and see this mix of European architecture and Russian vibes. As you’ll be walking down the narrow streets or diving into well-shaped gateways, you’ll fall in love with the city and wonder, why on earth you didn’t come here earlier.

There are lots of places to visit in St Petersburg. You will be walking long hours until you see them all. Hopefully our list will help you sort it all out!

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

This incredibly beautiful cathedral is one of the best things to see in St Petersburg. This is the largest Orthodox cathedral and one of the tallest domed buildings of Saint Petersburg as well. St. Isaac’s Cathedral was built in the style of late classicism by a young and ambitious French architect Auguste Montferrand. This is a true work of art, starting with the steps of the main facade and ending with wall cladding, and a legendary gem of St Petersburg.

Tours and excursions inside Saint Isaac’s Cathedral are held from 11:30 AM to 6 PM. The full price of the ticket is 250 rubles. You are also welcome to visit the colonnade that offers an impressive view of the city, and it will cost you 150 rubles.

Palace Square

Another iconic St Petersburg attraction, the architectural ensemble of Palace Square began to form in the XVIII century. The Winter Palace became its main building. Palace Square is enclosed from all sides with the headquarters of the Guard Corps and the General Staff building.

The General Staff building’s architect was Carlo Rossi. He created and implemented the project of two-winged complex that was connected with an arch dedicated to the victory over the French of 1812. For two centuries, various departments were housed in this building. Now, the eastern wing was given to the Hermitage and currently holds its own exhibition which also found itself in our list of St Petersburg points of interest.

In the center of the square, there is the Alexander Column made of red granite. It holds the status of the highest column made of solid rock. The statue of an angel on the top of the column is made of pink granite. By the way, the sculptor was referencing Alexander I while making this angel.

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Hermitage, Winter Palace

Hermitage is a big museum complex consisting of several buildings. Sadly, you won’t be able to complete your Hermitage tour during your St Petersburg holiday: people say it will take you about eight years to see everything it has to offer.

The modern Hermitage began with the Winter Palaces, a series of buildings that were built under various monarchs, starting with Peter the Great. Catherine II was the first monarch who created the actual Hermitage, “a place for solitude”.

Today, the museum complex includes the Winter Palace, the Hermitage Theater, the Great and Small Hermitage, as well as the New Hermitage and some additional buildings. The museum exhibits works of art of different historical periods, beginning with the Stone Age. The main museum is located on the Palace Square, which can be surely called a heart of St Petersburg tourism. Most museums are open from 10:30 AM to 6 PM. Standard adult ticket allows you to visit all the buildings of the complex and costs 400 rubles.
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Peter and Paul Fortress

If you’re still having a question where to go in St Petersburg, check Peter and Paul Fortress. It has long been a core of St. Petersburg as the northern capital of Russia began in this very citadel. Despite its fortification properties, the fortress never became a direct participant in hostilities and gradually turned into a prison for the most eminent criminals.

Every day, a flag is raised over the Peter and Paul Fortress, and at noon you can hear a shot from the cannon of the local bastion. Peter and Paul Fortress is open from 8:30 AM to 9 PM. An adult ticket to all the buildings costs 600 rubles. Any St Petersburg travel guide would recommend you visit the fortress, so we hope you’ll like it!

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In general, St Pete is a wonderful city that will remain in your heart forever. The northern capital of Russia houses so much culture and art that no journey is enough to see it all. We’re sure you’ll want to come back with your own list of places to visit in St Petersburg! Trust us, there’s no other place in the world like that.
For those who plan a trip to St Petersburg, cruises, trains and flights are available. The latter is possibly the best option as it is the fastest way to get there. So just book your tickets and start planning your awesome flight to St Petersburg!

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