Norway Holidays 2019 is All You Can Dream About

A lot of people dream of getting to Norway, but not so many of them are lucky enough to actually go there. Norway is a fabulously beautiful country, with amazing natural attractions, sophisticated architecture and unique cuisine. While planning your Norway trip you should be ready to spend a great number of minutes just staring in awe at the beauties of its wild north nature.

Are you planning a trip to Scandinavia this year? Believe us, Norway holidays 2019 is all you can dream about! If you have any questions, just relax and jump right into our Norway travel guide!

Getting Around Norway: Tourist Places

The most common question asked by tourists is always the same – what to see in Norway? The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Norway tourism is its fjords – a miracle left by a glacier thousands of years ago that survived until now in its full glory.

One of the most famous fjords that’s often visited by tourists is Sognefjord. It’s the largest fjord of Norway – the widest part of it reaches 5 km. You can get there only by water taking one of the boats or buying a cruise tour from Bergen. It can be pricy but the sight is definitely worth the money spent. If you’re planning a trip to Norway, then this place is a must.

When interested in living near the Sognefjord, check this 3-star Lavik Fjord Hotel. It stands on the very beachside of the fjord, and you can bike and go fishing there every day!

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Another highly demanded destination is Fjærland, the region that is home to Europe’s biggest glacier, Jostedalsbreen. It also houses the Norwegian Glacier Museum – an absolute gem among other cultural places.

One more tourist attraction in Norway you totally must pay some attention to is North Cape. North Cape (or better known as Nordkapp) is the northernmost point of Europe facing the Barents Sea. The surface of the cape is completely flat and almost plateau-like which makes it a great observation point for tourists. Each year, a huge amount of travelers come here to appreciate the view while standing almost on the edge of the world, comprehending how meaningless all our routine concerns are. But be careful and watch out for wind! It’s pretty strong up there.

Another landmark in our list of the best places to visit in Norway is Voringsfossen. If you have a long vacation that lasts more than a week, don’t waste the chance to visit it. It’s the most popular waterfall not only in Norway but in the entire Europe. It is 182 meters high so make sure to take some mint candies in case if you get sick looking down from abode.

When willing to live near the Voringfossen, you are welcome to try the Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel. It is located on the very edge of Hardangerfjorden 1o km far from the waterfall, so you’re welcome to bike there whenever you want. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the delicious cuisine and fresh unspoiled nature!

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Have a Bite!

The cuisine in Norway deserves to be talked about at great length. Being a country with full access to water and even having a sea named after itself, Norway can brag about its fish dishes. Of course, ending your vacation in Norway without tasting the wonders of local cuisine is no option.

Perhaps, the most famous one is klippfisk. It’s specially salted, dried and pressed cod. The recipe was invented by Spanish fishermen and borrowed by Norwegian ones to preserve fish for as long as possible. Some tourists are excited with the idea to bring a little bit of this magically yummy cod back home but, unfortunately, according to the law the transportation of fish or meat across the border is strictly prohibited. So the only thing left is to enjoy the taste of it during your Norwegian holidays. If you are still wondering where to go in Norway, just check the closest restaurants and try klippfisk!

The other traditional dish called lutefisk is also dried cod but thoroughly soaked in lye. The recipe can be dated back to the 16th century when the Norwegian royal family only could afford to dine on it. The whole process of cooking the fish is extremely complex what leads to the fact that only the fanciest restaurants can serve it properly. So don’t forget to give the king’s favored meal a taste!

A Piece of Advice

We can go for hours listing the advantages of Norway, but unfortunately, it has one little, but very significant disadvantage for travelers – spending your vacation in Norway will cost a pretty penny. Tourist agencies offer plenty of Norway tours and beneficial Norway tour packages to please even the most capricious client but not all of us like being taken care of. For those who prefer solo travels to agency-arranged trips we strongly recommend to start testing waters in advance. Before making any travel arrangements, check out such sites as for cheap flights to Norway or exclusive deals. Be patient to compare all offers on the market and choose the best one!

Now you’re all packed and ready to go on your long-awaited visit to Norway. Just be sure to plan out your itinerary and get the airplane tickets beforehand. Take your lovely soulmate, your kids and family or your friends with you to make the vacation just perfect. So, we hope you’ve got the idea why Norway holidays 2019 is all you can dream about!