How to Travel with a Cat

Mostly, cats don’t get excited about traveling as they usually feel a strong attachment to their own territory. Being outside or not at home makes them feel like they are in danger. The idea of a new journey usually doesn’t impress our fellow felines. Still, traveling with cats is possible, and you can consider this option when there’s no possibility of leaving your kitten at home. To travel with cat, you just need to buy a good carrier or a cage.

When willing to go with your pet on a trip by car or by plane, you need to keep your pet in one place. The carrier is a good item to help you. When exposed to an unfamiliar environment, kittens almost always start panicking or running away. So you will need to restrict your pet’s movement at least during your trip.

How to Travel with Cats in a Car for Long distances?

When being in the car, letting the pet out of the carrier is a bad idea. First of all, an animal can distract the driver and thus cause an accident. Second, as soon as the door or window opens, your cat will try to jump out of the car and escape.

The animal needs to stay inside of the cage. For that reason, you will need to buy a high-quality comfortable cat carrier that cleans easily. Also, you should take into consideration how hot it will be inside of your car. If it is cold in the car or at your end destination, then we recommend you to opt for a warm carriage that still provides fresh air flow. However, if the temperature is too high, use a basket that is well-ventilated – for example, this black pet carrier from Amazon Basics.

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It is dangerous to put the carrier in the trunk or in the hatchback as there might be poor ventilation that will cause your pet’s overheating. The cage should also obviously not be stuck under a pile of suitcases: it is unhealthy for the animal, to say the least. Place the carrier in your car so that it is securely fastened, and you can attach the carrier to one of the seats using a seat belt as well. Believe us, you will thank yourself for doing that if you have to brake sharply.

If you want to learn more about best cat carriers for traveling in a car, we recommend that you check online reviews on top pet carriers. For example, you can check this medium carrier by X-ZONE PET.

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How to Travel With a Cat by Plane?

If you intend to tour with your feline by plane, you need to plan everything in advance. When choosing the airline, check its rules of the pet air transportation. Most airlines do not allow transporting cats in the cabin, so the only option for your pet is to be put in a special compartment of the cargo section.

If possible, it’s better to transport the pet with a direct flight so that it doesn’t experience the stress of moving from one plane to another. It is not recommended to transport pregnant felines and kittens under the age of three months either. You can also try sedating your cat for air travel to help it with anxiety. You can use a spray or travel pills for cats to calm your fluffy friend down. If you are wondering how to sedate your cat for car travel, you are welcome to use the same chewables as well.

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If this item item is not suitable for you, we highly recommend to get this one.

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According to the standards of the International Air Transportation Association, the cat carrier for airline travel should be large enough for your pet to stand or turn around. You can specify the requirements when contacting the airlines that you’ll be flying with.

Are you wondering where to buy pet carriers acceptable for air flight? Such items mostly have the inscription “Airline approved”. For example, look at this blue pet carrier: Akinerri offers exactly what you need for your tour.

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How to Use the Carrier?

Long before you travel with your cat, give it enough time to get used to the carrier or the cage. Make it more pleasant for your pet to be inside. For example, you can give it treats when it gets in the carrier. We suggest you arrange a comfortable bed from a blanket that your pet sleeps on at home as well. Leave the cage door open and strongly encourage the pet to go inside and out. In that way, the cat will at least get familiar with the carrier.

4-5 hours before traveling with your cat, don’t feed it in case it starts feeling sick on the road. Instead, offer it water before leaving and whenever possible during the trip. You can buy special bowls that are attached to the cage and will be difficult for the pet to turn over.  

For example, the best cat cage on the market right now is this extra large pet carrier by CHEERING PET. It has a foldable bowl, a litter box and a couple of toys.

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Do not forget that felines will always rather stay at home. They don’t like leaving their cozy and comfortable places, so it’s better for you and your beloved pet to travel only in case of emergency. Good luck on the road!