How to Plan a Cycling Tour

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With a globally increasing enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, bicycles became an important part of our life, health and entertainment. They are used both as a mean of transport to get around the city and a joyful way to stay fit, which appeals to almost anyone in the world. What you didn’t possibly ever think of is using bicycles for traveling.

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So, what is bike touring? Basically it means having a bicycle trip as a tourist. Don’t get so concered: riding a bicycle is highly accessible to all people! Anyone can do that, whether you are 17 (or younger) or 70 (or older). You can start touring bicycle trips alone, with your friends or with a commercial bike tour operator. It also brings a possibility of keeping your budgets safe, as you can avoid accommodation costs by bringing a good, wind- and waterproof tent.

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To make this idea come true, you needn’t even be an Olympian: this type of physical activity doesn’t require your being particularly strong.  But of course, if you have never tried a bike before, you might want to have some training before heading out for your cycling holidays. Remember, the more stuff you will take to your journey, the more stamina  you will need.

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Cycling Holidays in Europe

There’s no other place in the world that is more appropriate for international bike touring than Europe. Thankfully to short distances and smaller countries, you can basically tour them length and breadth and reach the sea within a week! This might be a nice adventure for your vacation. You won’t need any visas, there is no border control, you just go wherever you want and enjoy your bike ride!

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To illustrate the matter, let’s suppose you would like to begin your cycling holidays in France. This is a great country that is really worth visiting, especially when having a biking tour, as it has really beautiful natural sceneries all the way long. Say, you are planning an international ride. To reach Portugal via bike, you will need approximately 2 days of cycling, but only if you don’t think about staying in Spain — this country is too gorgeous to just pass it by!

There are a lot of Portugal bike trips available for you. You can ride along the Atlantic coast from Porto to Lisbon, looking at the ocean views and wonderful sunsets! Also, just imagine staying overnight in a tent by the shore, listening to the waves whisper in your ears as you fall asleep. For those who like authenticity of coziness of smaller towns, the Eastern and Central part of Portugal is a great option, too.

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Bicycle Trips in France

Inner bike tourism in France is also a huge thing. This country is one of the biggest ones in Europe and has a lot of places to impress you with. You can cross it from Bay of Biscay to the Gulf of Leon, or explore the cities of Marseille, Paris, Montpellier and Lyon. This journey might be a nice combination of admiring the seashore (beaches and swimming included!), sightseeing and learning more about the French country.

It is very important to plan your route through and through; not everywhere there is a place for a tent or a grocery store to purchase some food. And if you are interested in booking hotels, prior to your bike trip you should check the cities that you will be passing by using the link below.

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France Bike Tours Reviews

If you are still in doubt whether you should take a bike trip to France, be it an international one or not, we have collected some feedback from the most faithful readers of our website that happen to be passionate cyclists. If you were interested to check routes for cycling tours in Europe, reviews included, here they are:

“I am a huge fan of bike traveling! Being a European lady, I really have an advantage of taking a trip wherever I want to. My favorite destinations are, unquestionably, Spain and France. These are the two countries that speak to my heart. People are very welcoming there and will help you anytime. On my last journey when I had a Paris-to-Madrid cycling tour I have broken my wheel. I waited for somebody to pass by until a nice old lady pulled over and asked if I needed help. She dropped me off to her house, and her husband fixed my bike as I was having the most delicious lunch ever! I am really thinking of starting a bike travel blog now as there are just too many good stories to tell.”

Hanna, 27 y.o.

“I’ve never thought that travel and bike can ever be a match in my vocabulary, but here I am. Briefly, if you think that you aren’t in a good shape, if you feel stressed out or simply want some change, just take a long bike tour. I work as an IT-specialist and, frankly speaking, my job is truly stressful. It is a desk work, too. No wonder 2 years ago I weighed almost 210 pounds. But within the first trip I’ve lost more than 13 pounds. I thought I will despise it, but cycling can be entertaining as well. For instance, I really found my trip from Marseille to Monaco entertaining. Watching the coast makes you feel really peaceful, and the cities along the shore have some great attractions as well. So, get yourselves some nice cycle tours, people! Don’t waste your time!”

Michael, 41 y.o.