How to Pack Clothes for a Trip

Are you asking yourself constantly, how you can pack the trip clothing in your suitcase so that nothing is wrinkled, broken and spilled? How to pack shirts and pants for travel, arrange all your jeans and pairs of shoes to save space, and make sure that the suitcase is still lightweight? In this article, we will consider 5 great life hacks on how to pack clothes for a trip!

Rule 1: Do Some Preparation Beforehand

Before you start running around the house and throwing the trip wear into your suitcase, take a deep breath. There’s no need in such rush. Try to plan your tourist outfits in advance and lay them out, for example, on the bed. Put everything you plan to take in one place and consider if you truly need so many things. Keep removing the items that aren’t absolutely necessary, check if you have a versatile travel wardrobe, and then begin packing the suitcase.

Rule 2: Too Much Is Too Much

Even the minimal planning of your tourist clothes for the trip will help you avoid major mistakes. And the biggest mistake is that most people take more things to travel than they really need. Because of that, you have to overpay for luggage, the suitcase weighs more than its owner, and clothes becomes crumpled. But can you calculate how many outfits when travelling you need? It’s actually very simple.

· Underwear & socks: you need a set of underwear for each day of your tour. Some travel wear companies offer the pre-made sets, such as this pack of 5 pairs of socks by Y-Sense.
· Shirts, sweaters, dresses: you will need as many tops as there are vacation in your tour days minus one (for arrival and departure, you can wear the same outfit).
· Pants and jeans: two times items less than sweaters and shirts.
· Shoes: two pairs of comfortable shoes plus one decent pair in case if you go out.
· Cosmetics: only the bare minimum!

Rule 3: Check the Weather Forecast

In addition to the length of your trip, it is important to take the weather into account. For instance, if your end destination has a tendency for storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and snow, you should prepare the right trip apparel so that nothing catches you off gurad. And when it’s summer outside, you will probably fly to a hot country, so you don’t need warm clothes at all.
By the way, don’t forget to grab a nice travel umbrella to protect you from the rains!

Rule 4: Stop Folding Your Tourist Clothes


If you keep wondering how to pack clothes for travel, there are three popular ways to do that.
· The first, the classic one, is to fold each piece of the travel apparel and put it in a suitcase in a neat pile. Your mother taught you this way for sure! The method is excellent, but it has two drawbacks: the clothes take up a lot of space and start having wrinkles. For that reason, the best clothing material for travel is any wrinkle-free fabric. For instance, Van Heusen’s shirts are worthy of your try!

· The second is the anarchist way, which, admittedly, many of us use secretly from our mothers. We just take a pile of clothes with our two hands and shovel them into the suitcase, leaving them in chaos until we arrive. Discussing the pros and cons of this method is almost useless: the best attire for travel is the one that packs fast and easy, right?

· Still, there is a third method, a modern one. Clothes should not be folded, but twisted into rolls. So it takes up less space, and no wrinkles and folds appear. If you roll the things made of natural fabrics, you can safely put them on the second you open your suitcase.

Rule 5: Pack Your Tourist Gear in Layers

The first layer on the bottom of the suitcase is shoes. All socks (you can add underwear as well) can be stuck inside; this way, you will save up some space and make sure your shoes don’t lose their shape. Next layer is the heavy rolls, such as jeans, sweaters, etc. Lay them as tightly as possible so they don’t unroll on the road. The next layer is everything breakable (bottles, perfumes, etc.) However, consider opting for silicone travel bottles instead. The next layer is lightweight rolls: dresses, shirts, T-shirts, etc. On the top, you can put all the clothes that you’ve decided to keep folded for some reason. The final touch is all the little things like belts, hairbrushes, etc. They should be pushed between the layers, taking up the empty places. This way, you will stabilize the entire structure. A belt twisted into a ring is a perfect way to prevent a particularly dear shirt from breaking its collar.

This was our article on how to pack clothes for a trip. We hope you’ve found our tips useful and assembled the best outfits to travel in! Remember: simple travel outfits and a good preparation is everything that you ever need on the way!