How to Choose a Travel Sleeping Bag?

A sleeping bag or a small travel blanket is probably the most difficult hiking equipment to choose. The most common mistake is to think that one sleeping bag can be used for all seasons. In fact, each weather type should correspond to a particular sleeping bag, since the main parameter is the minimum temperature of your overnight stay.

There are thousands of offers on the market, but we are ready to help you out. Let’s see how to choose a travel sleeping bag.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Choosing a sleeping bag is simple. First, you should find out the minimum night temperature in the area of your trip. This can be done, for example, by downloading weather data archives, or by looking for reports from travelers on the Internet. Second, from the entire range of sleeping bags and packable blankets, set aside the items with a limit temperature close to the results of your research. On some websites, you can sort the sleeping bags by temperature range.

Don’t forget to analyze your body and general physical condition, whether you’re prone to freezing or vice versa. Depending on the situation, add or subtract a few degrees from the temperature limit of your sleeping bag with blanket. By the way, ladies tend to feel more comfortable in warmer conditions. They might sleep better in the winter sleeping bag even if it’s summer, so we recommend that women buy warm bags with lower temperature limit.

If you feel hot inside of your sleeping bag, you can always unzip it. Therefore, you can choose a bag for lower temperatures as well: extra safety has never hurt anybody. On the other hand, it would be pointless to take a winter sleeping bag in a summer tour, especially when it is bigger in size. This way, you will carry extra weight for no reason.

Types of Sleeping Bags

Overall, there are a few types of sleeping bags in terms of their form:

    • Rectangular sleeping bags. Although rectangular bags allow more space for you to move around or stretch your legs and arms out, they might be heavy-weighted. Sleeping in a rectangular sleeping bag usually feels cooler. Moreover, you can unzip it and use as an outdoor thermal blanket. When looking for rectangular sleeping bags, check out this Coleman’s polyester bag or this cotton version. Also, there are bags for lower temperatures, that will help you warm up after a chilly camping trip.

      Coleman’s polyester bag cotton version for lower temperatures

    • Semirectangular sleeping bags. This is a special version of a rectangular-shaped sleeping bag that is slightly modified to follow your body shape. They are still quite roomy, but warmer than the previous option and take less space. As you can see, having a lightweight warm blanket for camping is essential for travelers. The best lightweight option for your camping or hiking tour is this CANWAY sleeping bag  with a compression sack or this TETON sleeping bag that is guaranteed to provide you with a warm sleep.

      CANWAY sleeping bag TETON sleeping bag

    • Mummy-shaped sleeping bags. Would you like to boost warmth and cut weight of your bag significantly? We suggest you purchase a mummy sleeping bag that is very tight-fit. Sleeping in it, you are supposed to roll over with it rather than inside of it. For all the reasons listed, it might be the best lightweight camping blanket for your trip. Are you interested in buying bags of such type? Check this WINNER OUTFITTERS mummy bag or opt for another one:  3KM’s portable waterproof outdoor sleep bag.

      WINNER OUTFITTERS mummy bag3KM’s portable

    • Double bags. Such sleeping bags are the best option for couples or people who are going to sleep together. Jokes aside, it boosts warmth significantly. By the way, it is also possible to zip two regular bags together and make a double bag all by yourself. For example, you are welcome to see this family sleeping bag by Sleepingo or consider buying one from TETON. It has good reviews as well.

      Sleepingo TETON

    • Blankets. On the market, there is another convenient sleeping bag type: blankets. They are a great alternative for your trip. There are thousands of options to make your trip comfy: for example, camping pocket blanket fits easily in any compartment. See this BEARZ Outdoor blanket to check if this is exactly what you need! Next, there are travel electric blankets that warm up automatically when charging from the network, just like this one by Sunbeam. You can also consider buying a portable picnic blanket: it will truly make a difference, especially when it’s made from a waterproof material. To find a good option for your family picnics, see Reliable Outdoor Gear: they make the best waterproof outdoor blankets that are quite affordable as well!

      BEARZ Outdoor blanketSunbeamReliable Outdoor Gear

Choosing a blanket or a sleeping bag for your trip is much easier if you approach the question with knowledge. These are all the recommendations we have on how to choose a travel sleeping bag. We hope you’ve found this article helpful!