How to Choose a Perfect Surfboard

Summer associates with beach and seashore vacations which further lead us to surfing – a popular water sport activity than anyone would love to master. However, standing on a board on top of a wave is not an inborn skill. Before you conquer your first wave, you need tons of practice.

The most important question for all the newbies of surfing is “How to choose a perfect surfboard?” And in this article, we will try to explain what board types there are on the market, what they are made of, and what you should keep in mind when buying a surfboard.

Types of Surfboards

Surfboards are categorized based on their length, width, thickness and shape. Before you go and visit a surfboard shop, let’s talk about this in more detaila. So, the boards are divided into longboards, shortboards, funboards and guns.

Longboard is a thicker and longer board (8-10 feet) that’s widely used for training. Here is an illustration: a perfect 8’ longboard by Wavestorm. If you would love to start learning how to surf, shop online and get this gear right now!

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Shortboard is a thinner, shorter board (5-7 feet). For example, check this colorful adults’ and kids’ surfboard by Giantex that is 6’ long! Its retro-style appearance will boost your mood while you try to master a new skill.

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Funboard is of average thickness and length (6-8 feet). This epoxy surfboard made by NSP might be a perfect image of a thicker gear with average length.

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Gun is an average-thick board that is quite long as well (7-10 feet).

Nevertheless, you should consider that it’s easier to stand on a long and thick board, so the surfing training starts with boards of this type. Then it goes from a larger to smaller board, i.e. from longboard to funboard and, finally, to shortboard. Starting immediately with a shortboard is very difficult, so to avoid your progress slowing down we recommend that you buy a longer surfboard.

Surfboard Materials

Surfboards are made of polymeric materials to make them as lightweight as possible. Their core is made of polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam. The coating material can be:

Fiberglass. These are the most common and popular surfboards to buy online. Fiberglass is also quite often used by professional surfers. Among the advantages of such material, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t cost much and behaves quite well on the waves. However, it’s not strong enough: fiberglass boards are the most common to break during a flight.

Epoxy. Surfboards made of such material are called the new generation. They are very durable and keep high speed on the waves. But there are also disadvantages: if you’re looking for cheaper surfboards, you better look for them in another department as epoxy gear is very high-priced.

Plastic. Surfing schools have always used surfboards made of plastic for educational purposes as they are very durable and cheap. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend you fall for plastic surfboards’ prices as this would not be your best financial investment.

All things considered, fiberglass might be the best option for a beginner. If you’re not scared of the downsides, see this 8’5″ North 2 Boards’ gear!

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Piece of Advice

Are you looking for a good surfing shop? Online stores offer you almost unlimited possibilities for choosing the best surfboard that suits your skills and needs. You can also check some comfortable surf wear and surf clothing. For example, see this women’s swimsuit by O’Neill!

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Don’t forget to store and transport your board in a secure surfboard bag. This way, you’ll feel more confident during the flight as you won’t need to worry about your board being damaged. It isn’t a cheap toy than you can just break and throw off. A surfboard is a nice asset, and to make sure it will fly to your end destination safe and sound, you can buy, for example, this Dakine’s surfboard bag or any other item that you’ve liked.

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In Conclusion

As we have already mentioned above, the best thing is to start learning with a longboard. Do not go straight to a shorter one, otherwise your progress will slow down in a bad way. At first, you can rent a board, but as soon as your mastership level becomes strong enough for you to feel good on top of the wave, feel free to buy a shortboard.

You should also decide on the material of your gear. When choosing, start from the point of your financial capabilities. As mentioned above, if you have money, an epoxy surfboard is a great option. But you can also purchase fiberglass gear as well.
Did you find the information helpful? We hope so! Thank you for reading our article on how to choose a perfect surfboard!