Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hiking will never go out of fashion. Every year, this type of activity attracts an enormous number of travelers from all around the world. Events of this kind are perfect both for a noisy company and for solo travelers.

However, don’t think that hiking and a walk in the park are the same things. Usually, a city dweller is not adapted to life in the wilderness and knows nothing about hiking safety and hiking gear. For that reason, to have a great time outside and, most importantly, return safe and sound, you are welcome to study our article that contains hiking tips for beginners!

Things You Need for Hiking

Being outside and getting closer to nature requires appropriate equipment. Even if this is just a short walk through the forest, any sloppy action can turn it into a struggle for life. The most important question is learning what things are needed for hiking. For your consideration, here is a hiking equipment list of things that you should have in your backpack:
special clothes;

  • drugs and medical hiking supplies;
  • means for lighting the fire;
  • materials for repairing clothes or tents;
  • sunscreen and other hiking safety equipment;
  • navigation: maps, compasses, GPS systems;
  • lighters and flashlights;
  • hiking food stock;
  • drinking water supply.

What to Wear for a Hiking Trip?

There are lots of camping stores where you can find the best hiking boots, clothes, hats and everything else you need for a great backpacking journey. It is necessary to choose clothing that is appropriate for weather conditions and terrain.

The recommended hiking materials are usually synthetic; they are light, water-repellent, and quick-drying. During the camping trip, it is best to combine different layers of clothing. For example, you can wear thermal underwear, pants, fleece pullover, windproof or water repellent jacket. Hiking hat or hiking gloves (like these ones by HAWK XR!)

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 will help you feel comfortable with your head and hands protected.

It is important to think beforehand what you will wear on a hot day or if there’s anything to add when the weather changes. In case the first set of clothes gets wet, take a lightweight change. Don’t forget about a sleeping set: for instance, thermal underwear or fleece pajamas will do a great job by keeping you warm.

By the way, check these summer hiking pants by Columbia. They look really good, the price is affordable, and they are very handy!

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Hiking Boots Reviews

Hiking boots are lightweight, efficiently ventilated and have a tight ankle support. They should almost merge with your feet, otherwise even a leisurely journey through forests and fields will turn into a disaster.

Three simple rules for choosing hiking shoes are as follows:

  • buy only the proven models in reliable stores;
  • never choose your boots by price;
  • try on the shoes carefully.
  • For example, check these hiking boots for women by Clorts.
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A couple of useful tips for hiking beginners:
You shouldn’t go hiking in the new shoes. First, try them on and let the materials adjust to your feet.
Dry hiking boots in the shade only without direct sun exposure. You shouldn’t put them next to the batteries either.

After the hike, clean your boots with warm water.

Hiking Safety Tips

Being safe during your hiking experience is the most important thing there is. Look at this list of backpacking tips that might save your journey.

Work out the details of your trekking route at home. It is necessary to study all the nuances of the area thoroughly, taking into account possible weather changes or meetings with local dwellers and animals. Don’t forget about hiking stick tips: using them, you will always know where it’s safe to step.

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Don’t forget to tell your friends the details of your whereabouts. Additionally, find out if the communication means will work along the hiking route. It will also be a great idea to take more charged batteries for gadgets and phones.

Water scarcity is one of the most common problems when hiking. Don’t forget to take a sufficient water supply with you. While figuring out the route, mark the sources of water and do not go far from them when you have nothing in your bottle.

In order to avoid meeting animals, you should produce as much noise as you can. Animals should know that you are in their territory. In any case, no creature wants to meet you face to face, so you will be alright.

When it comes to hiking stuff and lifehacks, more awareness is always better. We hope our article “Hiking Tips for Beginners” has helped you with preparations for the upcoming journey! Is there anything else you would like to add? Then, leave a comment down below and make sure to share your thoughts and experience!