Best Way to Travel with a Dog

We all love two things: dogs and traveling. However, many believe them to be incompatible. Traveling with dogs is seen problematic and sometimes impossible. Of course, there are situations when you can’t take a dog with you – for example, when going on a business trip or having an elderly pet that will find it hard to endure long distances. For these cases, there are relatives, friends, and paid pet hostels where your pet will be taken care of while you are away.

Still, aren’t you willing to take your pet with you? In this article, we’ve gathered information on the best way to travel with a dog. Let’s review all the essentials that you need to have a pet-friendly journey while considering the ups and downs of having your doggo on a car, train or plane trip.

Journey with Your Dog: Transport

One of the most important moments is the transport that you prefer to go traveling with your dog. It can affect your budget strongly as well as have an impact on your pet’s comfort and stress level. For that reason, we are going to think about the main features of train, car and air travel with dogs.

Train trip. The requirements for traveling with dogs vary depending on the car type. Therefore, we recommend you to specify what cars allow you to have your pet in transport and how much it costs. When having a large dog, be sure to take a muzzle and get your dog accustomed to it beforehand. As a rule, it is not strictly required, but the passengers and train conductors might start feeling nervous otherwise. On a train and on platforms, you should always have your pet on a leash.

By the way, you can check dog travel accessories on Amazon. For instance, see this awesome nylon muzzle! There’s a plethora of options regarding the muzzle size and color, and your pet will surely feel comfortable and secure.

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Car trip. First of all, you should take care of your dog’s safety. If the car does not have a large luggage compartment where a pet can fit, we recommend you to purchase some useful dog travel products: for example, a hammock seat or a special harness that attaches to seat belts and secures the dog in one place. Don’t forget to lay a blanket suitable for a comfortable nap. Your pet’s favorite toys are also needed.

So that the dog does not get sick, feed it no later than 3-4 hours before the trip. During long journeys, it is recommended to make stops at least once every 3 hours and walk your pet. Traveling this way, you’ll help it stretch paws and take care of its needs. After feeding the dog, give it at least half an hour to digest food before getting back to driving. Be sure to take water with you and give it to your pet to help it with dehydration and overheating.

Among useful dog travel products that you can buy on Amazon, we can definitely recommend this dog hammock. Thus your pet won’t fall during sharp turns.

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Another safety item is this harness that connects to a seat belt. Purchase it to make sure that your pet will be alright o matter what!

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Airplane flight. A smaller dog can be taken to the cabin; however, you must put it in a pet travel carrier, otherwise it will fly in the pet compartment. The cost to fly a dog depends on its weight and on the airline requirements. A few weeks before departure, be sure to call the airline, report that you’re planning an airplane travel with a dog, and reserve a place for it. This is highly needed because the airlines usually take a limited number of animals onboard.

Before you go on a trip by plane, check your dog’s stress level. Keep in mind that it may have to spend some time in an unfamiliar place alone. However, if it has already got accustomed to being in a dog travel carrier, it will feel just fine, especially if you put a soft comfortable blanket in there. Also, start giving your dog sedatives for travel. This way your pet will most likely feel less scared during the flight.

For your pet, transport is surely a stressful place: being away from its home won’t feel comfortable to any dog. Travel sickness might be developed if you don’t get it all right. For that reason, you better check some good products: for instance, see this airline dog carrier.

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And to calm down your pet’s nerves or prevent tummy troubles, we suggest you buy sedating treats.

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We all love traveling, and our furry friends would definitely like to join us and enjoy the adventures together. Although many people think that traveling with dogs is problematic, we hope that the article helped you learn what the best way to travel with a dog is. You might have even been inspired to take your beloved pet on a trip! When so, try to provide maximum comfort and safety to your pet in transport, and it will pay off. We’re sure you’ll like having your shaggy companion on a board! Good luck with conquering the new countries!