Best Travel Shorts for a Summer Vacation

Sometimes, summer comes with beach holidays and long hours in the sun. And in other times, it comes with conquering the trails and hiking deep in the woods. There’s one thing summer vacations have in common: they are fascinating, we wait for them for a very long time, and they make us think: what should we even wear?

There’s one item that suits any summer scenario the best: travel shorts. They are the only thing that helps us avoid overheating under the beaming sun. That’s why in this article we are going to talk about travel shorts that you might want to buy for an upcoming summer trip.
So, what pieces of clothes, in our opinion, are the most interesting and comfortable to wear? Read further to find out!

Floerns Women’s Beach Shorts

Would you like to add some summer vibes to your look? Then, these yellow beach shorts by Floerns are the best thing you could think of. Their casual look is strongly enhanced with an embroidered floral pattern. They will definitely look great on you while you enjoy some good weather. In the list of lightweight travel clothes that you should take on your summer vacation, this is a clear example of what might become an essential part of your wardrobe.

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HOW’ON Women’s Cargo Shorts

However, there isn’t only beach vacation available this summer. For ladies who prefer active traveling (hiking, mountaineering, etc.) over laziness of sunbathing at the seashore, we have included these great multi-pocketed women’s cargo shorts by HOW’ON. Their anti-wrinkle fabric makes sure you don’t need to take too much care of them: just get them out of your backpack, throw them on and head for the next adventure! By the way, they are breathable and very lightweight as well. So, check these khaki shorts or see any other color variations – there are plenty!

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Amazon Essentials Men’s Walk Short

Okay, and what can we offer to those who like walking long distances and getting around the city of their end destination? You should buy walking shorts. They are the only shorts out there that you’ll surely feel good in, especially after you’ve run the city length and breadth. These men’s travel shorts with elastic waist are made from high-quality fabric that is both breathable and has a pleasant feel to it. Amazon Essentials makes the best basic clothes that are very affordable and durable. Try these shorts on and tell us if they’re good for travel!

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Champion Men’s Long Mesh Short with Pockets

Now, let’s suppose you’re planning to do some sports while being on a trip. For that reasons, you need sports shorts that you can wear in the gym. When buying clothes from Champion, you make sure that you support a trusted brand that provides its customers only high-quality deals. These men’s shorts’ lightweight and breathable mesh fabric feels very good. As soon as you purchase this item, it will become your new favorite piece of clothing.

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Unionbay Men’s Cargo Short

Here is another great item that you might consider having in your luggage. These men’s lightweight travel shorts by Unionbay would be a neat purchase for your next trip. High-quality cotton fabric looks just as good as it feels. In these slanted hand pockets, you’re welcome to put your essentials (wallet, smartphone, keys, etc.) so that they’re always at hand. The pockets are very safe and secure, for sure, so you’ll never lose what’s important to you. Are these the best travel shorts for a summer vacation? It’s up to you to decide!

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ARSUXEO Men’s Active Training Running Shorts 2 in 1

How can we describe the best travel shorts? Comfortable, versatile, good-looking, high-quality, and neat. These running shorts might not boast with versatility (after all, they are mostly good for sports instead of an evening stroll along the beach), but they are very cool. If you are strongly into jogging, you can head for a jog early in the morning: a reflective logo on these running shorts will keep you safe on the road. The fabric is very good and highly suitable for sport activities. ARSUXEO does know what it’s doing!

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Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Short

Now, let’s look at these water and stain-resistant hiking shorts. These are made by Columbia, a regular guest in our clothing recommendation lists. Thanks to its advanced technology, the UPF 50 fabric protects you from sun rays very well. There are a couple of pockets where you can keep smaller things, for example, keys and lighters. When it comes to travel shorts, women’s clothing is usually more about fashion than about functionality, but this time, it both looks good and makes a great piece for hiking.

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Vcansion Men’s Casual Shorts

The last item in our list of the best travel shorts for a summer vacation is these hiking shorts for men. Five pockets make this piece of clothes good-looking and highly useful as well. The UPF 50 fabric is tear-resistant and very lightweight, which is actually everything you want hiking shorts to be. If you happen to get waist-up in the water, don’t worry: these shorts are quick dry. So, are these the best men’s travel shorts out there? You’ll need to buy them to find out!

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We hope that our list of the most recommended travel shorts has helped you prepare for the upcoming summer adventure! Did you like any of them? Share your thoughts down below and don’t forget to show us your own best travel shorts! Thank you for reading!