Best Travel Mug for Your Trip

Somehow we don’t talk about it much; still, traveling comes hand in hand with discomfort. On the road, it is hard to relax and sleep, so you’ll need to wait until you reach your end destination. Dealing with thirst can sometimes pose a challenge, too. It would be nice for you to have a high-quality thermos or a kind of a coffee cup to enjoy your beverages whenever you want. But what is the best travel mug for your trip? How can you avoid spilling and leaking your tea all over your shirts? We answer these questions in our article with great pleasure. Let’s see our personal top of the best mugs for the journey!

Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Contigo

What are the key qualities of a good travel mug? Preferably, it fits both in your backpack and in a cup holder of your car; it is made of stainless steel which makes it rust-resistant and hard to break. Active tourism lovers (hikers, bikers, campers and so on) will appreciate its ability to keep both cold and hot temperatures, and with a leak-proof lid, you will avoid getting your clothes wet. So, we can say that this travel mug by Contigo meets all the requirements. Order this stainless steel travel mug right now and never give up your favorite drinks!

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Travel Mug by Corkcicle

When looking for travel coffee mugs, you will inevitably discover this 16-oz tumbler bottle by Corkcicle. Its classy design and triple-walled construction will help your drinks keep their temperature for a long time. You’ll find it pleasing to relax in the seat during your flight or train ride while drinking your favorite coffee from this travel coffee cup. Its durability and safety are guaranteed: stainless steel keeps the bacteria away and makes the cup strong and solid. By the way, possibilities for color customization are almost limitless. Check them out and don’t get lost in the options!

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Vacuum Bottle by Stanley

What do you imagine when hearing the word “thermos”? We bet exactly what Stanley’s got. Their vintage vacuum bottle contains 1 – 2 L of liquid, so you’ll be able to take a lifetime stock of tea or coffee on your trip. Actually, this thermal travel mug will serve as a coffee thermos nicely: first, it is made from stainless steel which doesn’t rust and is BPA-free; second, it holds the temperature very well; finally, its leak-proof lid can be used as an 8-oz cup. Getting this vacuum bottle will definitely bring you sweet memories of traveling with your parents or fishing with your granddad as it looks like it was brought straight from the 80’s. Old-fashioned, minimalistic and fun – what else can we dream of when it comes to a coffee thermos?

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Collapsible Cups by DGHH

Do you think that a travel mug is actually too big for your suitcase? Well, the progress has you covered. Manufacturers love helping you get rid of everyday problems, and one of them is a lacking free space in the baggage. Fortunately, DGHH has come up with a simple and genius idea: a collapsible travel cup. In the unfolded form, this mug will provide you with 550 mL of tea or coffee, and after the meal you can wash it easily (compatible with a dishwasher!) and then hide in your backpack. This DGHH silicone travel cup is environmentally friendly and also comfortable to use: its heat-insulating features keep your hands cool even when drinking hot liquids. A lid closes safely and prevents any leaking.

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Personalized Tumbler by Personalized Favors

Feeling like all these travel coffee mugs lack something? Maybe they don’t let your inner authentic self open up! What is a better way of self-expression than personalized travel mugs?! For instance, look at this tumbler from Personalized Favors. You can add almost any inscription or picture using 10 different folds. The mugs come in 7 colors as well, so the possibilities for customization are limitless. Besides, their good looks are equipped with high-quality. This thermos travel mug can keep your drinks hot for 24 hours and cold for 36 hours! Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

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Customizable Mug by CustomGiftsNow

One more example of a nice custom travel mug that you can decorate with your own text is this CustomGiftsNow stainless cup. It looks basic and dull with its white and silver colors, but you are welcome to embellish it with your kids’ names and birth dates or your life motto! This travel mug with handle is dishwasher-safe which will save you a lot of effort. Moreover, you can use it as a gift and perpetuate your wishes on its side!

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Travel Mug by Ello

Last, but not least is this cute travel mug from Ello that has an elegant shape and lovely design reminiscent of color combinations that can be found in nature. The mug is made of stainless steel, so it is BPA and BPS-free. A leak-proof lid can be removed completely, and both the lid and the mug are compatible with dishwashers. Your beverage will be kept hot for 5 hours and cold for 10 hours which is not bad, especially for such price. See this stainless steel travel mug and decide if you would take it on the tour!

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As we can see, the best travel mug for your trip is the one that’s hard to break, dishwasher-safe, leak-proof and preferably foldable. It should keep your drink’s temperature and please your eyes with its good looks. Hopefully, you’ve found the best travel coffee mug and your adventures will now become more cozy and full of comfort!