Best Travel Guides for Japan

Japan is one of the most exotic and fabulous tourist destinations. A trip to Japan is almost a trip to another world. At every step and corner, you will be facing the new and the unknown. However, the authenticity of this Asian country makes it even more beautiful and fascinating. Do you want to see how the famous sakura cherry trees blossom? Then, start planning your journey right now!

Before you go to Japan, it is recommended to buy tourism guide books where you can find useful information and tips: how to get to Japan, what to see there, where to sleep, what to take into account. However, which are the best travel guides that you can buy? In this article, we have gathered the best travel books 2019 that are available on Amazon and other websites.

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Japan Travel Guide: Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Japan

The first guide book in our article is written by Ken Fukuyama and Yuki Fukuyama. It offers you a detailed insight into the attractions of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido. If you by this book, you will get close maps of the mentioned Japanese cities and areas, accommodation and transit tips, information on festivals and much more. Using the travel tips offered by actual residents of Japan and loyal fans of their country, you will have the most budget-friendly adventure.

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Lonely Planet Japan

From 2012 to 2016, Lonely Planet travel guide books written by Rebecca Milner, Ray Bartlett and others have been receiving special awards from TripAdvisor as the travelers’ choice. They include everything you need for your Japanese tour, such as maps, insider tips and itineraries. Lonely Planet trip guide covers all the key cities while providing rich and informative insight on the country’s culture, history, cuisine, and the most attended tourist attractions.

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Fodor’s Essential Japan

The creator of the best world travel books, Fodor’s Travel Guides offers you another great product that you can buy right now. All the information in Fodor’s Essential Japan is provided by locals who love and adore their country. The most up-to-date illustrated articles provide you with detailed descriptions, maps and advice that you will find exceptionally relevant. The guide has lots of information on the Cherry Blossom Festival and other well-known events and destinations. There is a Kindle electronic travel guide available as well!

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Japan

If you’re looking for something more affordable (indeed, spending a lot of money on an attraction guide isn’t always a comfortable idea), then you might opt for a DK Publishing travel guide. The mass market version is exactly what you might need! The itineraries address the most visited places of interest and showcase the attractions in detail. Together with a cultural and historical context, you will understand the country’s traditions and gain even more impressions. Finally, color maps and public transport guides will help you out if you ever feel lost.

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Must-See Japan: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Seeing the Best of Japan in One Trip

There’s no doubt that the best travel author is a person who has either been born in the country they write about or has lived there for quite a long time. Tom Fay has been staying in Japan for 10 years while touring the country and exploring all its mysteries, so no wonder his tour guide has gained so many fans! The most visited cities are explained in such a simple way that after reading the book you will feel as if you’ve been living in Japan for years!

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Super Cheap Japan: Budget Travel in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima and Surrounding Areas

Now, if you are a student and want to spare some money, Super Cheap Japan by Matthew Baxter is simply one of the best travel books that will help you go on the affordable and budget-saving journey! You will be offered the cheapest options of the tours, including inexpensive hiking trails in Nikko, free-entrance Kyoto parks and shrines, and $4 Tokyo shopping. The unique approach of this traveling book will definitely make it one of the best purchases in your Japan tour.

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That was our list of the best travel guides for Japan. Basically, any of them will guarantee you the most authentic experience you could ever wish for. Nevertheless, there are many other book travel guides and websites dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun. Of course, we can recite them for hours. The final decision will always be up to you!

We hope you enjoyed our article! Thank you for reading!