Best Travel Games for Kids

Traveling with toddlers or children isn’t easy, right? We as adults find it hard to get through some really long flights or train rides. However, for kids, the boredom of being on the way is infuriating. As soon as they start misbehaving or bombarding you with questions, there’s nothing left for you than just pray that the road will soon put them to sleep.
But there are tons of great options to make your kid concentrate on some activity and sit quietly, starting with games that you can play together and ending with children’s travel toys. Games will help you bond with your kid more and fall deeper in love for how cute and bright they are. Though kids are very demanding, so your attention is never enough. Soon, the communication becomes pretty exhausting. In that case, children’s travel toys will save you and also make your phone or laptop less attractive.
So, how can we keep our children busy?

Entertaining Your Infant

Traveling with 5-10 year olds isn’t that hard: they are communicative, talkative and understanding. The hardest travel is being on the road with your infant. For that reason, Taf Toys offers a kids travel set that attaches to the car seat. These travel games for 1 year olds include a car wheel toy, a music toy, and a couple of kick-and-plays.

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Another nice option for your small darlings is this toy that looks like a frame with 5 silicone bubbles. Your kid will like popping and grabbing the bubbles and also enjoy the sensory feeling. Consider adding this item to your personal list of travel games for 10-month-old children.

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“Let’s See Who Can X the Longest!”

Another easy option to keep your child quite and entertained is suggesting a game “Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest”. Don’t worry, it won’t do any harm. Nobody is going to suffocate just because they decided to not breathe. But this will definitely help you restore the order in the car or a plane when traveling with toddlers, especially if you have 2 or 3 of them. Another option is “Let’s see who can stay quiet the longest”. The silence is achieved in no time! So, our point is simple: best travel activities for toddlers definitely include competitive games, the easier — the better.

Toys for Hugging

Even the best travel items for toddlers won’t do what the favorite teddy bear can. Never forget your kid’s most beloved toys, as hugging them associates with the warmth and safety of their home. These items are good toys for airplane as well as for car and train ride.
Also, there are a lot of hugging toys that can also be used as a head and neck support. Some of them are compatible with seat belts and have pockets to store snacks or water.

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Writing, Drawing, Painting Without Any Mess

When expecting a flight, it’s better to buy only small toys for airplane. For example, any child is highly interested in doodling some nonsense, but we believe you wouldn’t like to create any mess. That’s why among other drawing toys for flying with baby, a magnetic doodle board is simply the best option. No airplane seat is going to be damaged with paint or permanent markers. Some of the doodle boards change colors of the lines, so your kid can add some color variety.

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License Plate: Learning Countries and States

Of course, it is obvious that the most successful way of keeping your child busy is a tablet or some food, but you should consider other road trip activities for toddlers that are more useful for their development. For example, try learning license plates of the cars that pass by. Ask your kid to pay attention to the country or state identification while explaining what letters stand for what. As soon as they start to learn these things, make a small contest: on the road, grab a notebook and write down all the license plates with different countries and states. Whoever has the most, is the winner. When adapting this travel game for preschoolers, ask your kid to say the country’s capital and double the points if they get it right!

Fidget Toys for Your Anxious Kid

These travel games are suitable for 5 year olds just as good as for teens. They will help your kid stay busy and show some creativity in what they do with the fidget. These toys are also stress-relieving and may assist your kid in dealing with pre-flight panic.Buy / More info

Travel games for toddlers in the car, train or plane are very different. You can transform almost everything into a game, just add some competition and make it look like a small contest. But there are a lot of good toys for airplane flights and car trips, too. Just learn what works the best for your kid and help them get through the journey!