Best Mountain Vacation Spots in the US

Have you ever been dreaming about a local trip to mountains? Sure, as a fellow American you might really want to have a tour around the best mountain vacation spots in the USA! Our country has lots of places where you’ll spend joyful holidays while also admiring the mountain views. We would really love to offer you a couple of great options, including the Great Smoky Mountains, the Rocky Mountains and the mountains in the north of Georgia. Keep reading to find out more!

Great Smoky Mountains

Can you guess a national park that is the most visited in the United States, has the most romantic name and can boast with the longest walking trail in the world? Of course, this is Great Smoky Mountains. For those who don’t know, they are located in the east of the country and divided equally by two states, Tennessee and North Carolina.

The mountains are very popular among tourists, indeed. Every year, about 9.5 million tourists flock here for a Great Smoky Mountains vacation. Even the Grand Canyon can’t compare to them! Among the main attractions, we recommend you enjoy the flora and fauna of these amazingly picturesque mountains, as well as the Indian cultural monuments and the first settlers’ places. However, the first attraction that is mentioned in every Smoky Mountains travel guide as well as the most known place for tourism is the legendary Appalachian Trail. Many people in the Unites States visit Smoky Mountains to conquer it as they see it as the ultimate mountaineering challenge.

In addition to the famous trail, the national park boasts 150 routes of varying difficulty levels. Their total length exceeds 1300 km. You are welcome to check Smoky Mountain vacation packages: they all are very different and cover the best routes! In Smoky Mountains, vacation ideas are almost unlimited as any season brings something new and fun. So just go and check your favorite travel agency’s plans!

By the way, the name of the Smoky Mountains comes from the fog which often “flows” down the mountain side, thus recalling huge clouds of smoke. You can spot this mystical and exceptionally charming phenomenon early in the morning or after the rain.

Are you wondering now, what are the best places to stay in Smoky Mountains? On the territory of the park, there are 10 stationary campgrounds for 940 parking places. Each of them has got a place for a tent, a fireplace, a picnic table and a convenient road access. Unfortunately, there are no hotels and inns on the reservation park’s territory. However, we highly recommend that you spend your Smoky Mountain vacation in this 3-star hotel called Baymont by Wyndham Cherokee Smoky Mountains. It has got the best prices, and the couples love staying there as well!

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Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park has always been in our hearts. Every year, more than 3 million people come here to enjoy the beauties of local landscapes. Its highest mountain peak is at an altitude of 12,000 feet, so don’t forget that the Rocky Mountain trip can make an inexperienced traveler feel dizzy.

There are a lot of snow-capped views and wind-dried tundra in the Rocky Mountains. The Alpine-like fascinating landscapes are so numerous that there are hundreds of mountain vacation spots.

During your trip to the mountains, you will enjoy the delightful rocky scenery, crystal clear rivers and lakes. If you stop following the paths leading to the most popular mountains’ vacation destinations, you will easily find places where you are more likely to see the beauty of pristine nature. If you are looking exclusively for peace and solitude, then you should visit the national forest near the park: there are almost no crowds.

There are more than 370 hiking trails in this National Park differing in their complexity. The hiking trails run through Rocky Mountain itself, through alpine lakes, tundra, and aspen groves. You will see forests and meadows covered with bright mountain flowers. On some trails, you are even allowed to ride horses! Just imagine a horse-ridden mountain travel: wouldn’t it make the best honeymoon or family trip?!

All in all, there’s no better place to go mountaineering than the Rocky Mountain National Park. Are you interested in Rocky Mountain getaways where you can spend the holidays? Then check this 2-star Discovery Lodge! It is situated in less than 10 minutes of driving from the Rocky Mountains. In the pound of the lodge territory, you are welcome to go trout fishing. The Discovery Lodge won’t just be the place to eat and sleep: it will add a lot of flavor to your Rocky Mountain vacations!

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North Georgia Mountains

The Appalachian mountains of northern Georgia are also a treat for any traveler who would appreciate a trip to the mountains. The climate here is truly comfortable, with just enough cold in winter and a comfortable breeze in summer. That’s why tourists visit mountains of the north Georgia all the year round.

The itinerary around the Georgia mountains can be very versatile! For example, you are welcome to check the Kangaroo Conservation Center near Dawsonville where there is the largest collection of kangaroos in the world, excluding Australian parks and reservations, of course. The cities around the north GA mountains are no less interesting as they carry heritage of the gold rush. For instance, we definitely recommend you going to the Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site. Among other things to do in North Georgia, we are happy to suggest you seeing the waterfalls, taking part in funny festivals, conquering some hiking trails and more!

Are you looking for a place to stay in the north Georgia mountains? Then see this 3-star Forrest Hills Mountain Resort and Conference Center that is situated not so far from Dahlonega.

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That was our list best mountain vacation spots in the USA. We hope you’ve liked it!

As you know, there are lots of travel agencies where you can buy tickets to have your best mountain trip. We would love to recommend you Mountain Travel Sobek ( where you can book a trip to go mountaineering not only in America, but almost anywhere in the world!

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