Best Backpacking Lantern for Active Tourism

Watching the sun go down when you are camping in the wilderness brings an unforgettable experience. However, to comfortably enjoy your trip, you’d better prepare in advance by choosing your camping lighting. The options in the market are numerous; one can buy large lanterns or smaller ones, glass lanterns or metal-framed lights, hanging lanterns or devices of all kinds. Battery camping lanterns can be called the best solution on the market with Coleman camping lights being all-time favorites. So, what is the best backpacking lantern for active tourism? Let’s find out!

How to Choose a Camping Lantern?

Depending on your budget, you may opt for more durable options like metal lanterns, or go for simpler electric camping lights for tents. Knowing where to buy lanterns can also help you stay within the limits of your budget. Buying lanterns online makes the whole process more fun and easy. If you are planning on walking long distances, make sure you buy lighter versions of the best backpacking lanterns, so you don’t have to carry too much weight.

If you choose a battery operated lantern, make sure that the batteries for your lantern are new and kept in a dry place. This is especially important for family campers who take their kids on the trip as the children can easily spill water on batteries or straight on the battery-powered lantern of their parents.

An indoor lantern can also bring a sense of coziness and homely atmosphere into your house or, which is more suitable for campers, into the tent. If you like the idea, then you might want to buy more camping lamps of this type. LED camping lanterns come in different colors and can create a terrific atmosphere for your holiday. You can hang your lantern lights around your campsite to brighten your mood and keep you safe from the wild animals. As a rule, lantern lights are not expensive and one can afford to buy a few.

Types of camping lanterns

  • Metal lanterns

Known for their durability, metal lanterns can be seen as the most popular option on the market. Some of them have a unique shape and look very romantic as well. For example, check the Standsport Small Hurricane Lantern. Carrying them around in your backpack can be pretty tiresome though due to their weight. And no camper wants extra weight on their back, right?

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  • Collapsible lanterns

Suitable for hiking, camping, and emergencies, these are ideal solutions that you can keep at home just in case or maybe even take with you for the upcoming camping journey. A collapsible lantern is usually very lightweight which allows you to take a couple of these on your backpacking adventure. Remember: you can only have fun if you don’t feel too exhausted, so check this one by Love Fly!

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  • Electric lanterns

Electric lanterns are the most popular type of camping lights. They differ in their charging principle: some supposed to be charged from the network, others operate on batteries. For instance, Black Diamond Apollo Lantern is a nice option that’s highly suitable for camping. For instance, it is lightweight and easy in use. Check these electric lanterns by Etekcity!

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  • Solar powered lanterns

Solar powered lanterns usually operate on internal batteries and solar panels, so all you really need to lighten up your night is a sunny day. Make sure you check the dimensions of the camping lamp you are planning to buy as many of them are pretty small. But that must be good as you’ll be able to take it with you anytime!

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  • Battery powered lanterns

These days, most of the manufacturers use LED technology in their battery-powered lanterns. The advantages of such lamps are numerous, and the biggest one is an extended period of operation without batteries change. For example, this Streamlight’s hand lamp is a battery-powered lantern that you can take on a camping trip and carry in your backpack. However, its durability isn’t the only reason why we recommend it. Be sure to purchase the lantern as it is completely waterproof as well.

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  • Hanging lanterns

This type of lanterns is very convenient as you can hang them nearly everywhere: inside or outside of your tent, on the camping grounds, on your backyard and so on. And they are pretty easy to carry with you: just hang them on your backpack! For example, pay your closest attention to this camping Eco Orb Lantern that fills your tent with a soft light.

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Another option, Suaoki Collapsible Tent LED has a unique design: it has a delicate shape of a clover. Its hanging hook makes it perfect to use inside of your tent when the night comes. Actually, this might be the best backpacking lantern for active tourism.

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Choosing a good lighting solution for your camping trip looks like an exciting opportunity once you know what the key factors of your purchase should be. We have summarized them in our article to help you out. Hopefully, now you can buy lanterns for the trip of your dreams!