Advice on Cheap Weekends in Amsterdam

We can say it for sure that traveling to Amsterdam, one of the most entertaining cities in Europe, isn’t cheap. Flocks of tourists come here all year round. However, there’s a fine possibility to spend a few cheap weeks in Amsterdam. Tour packages for discount, low-priced hotels and reduced transportation costs can make your holidays in Amsterdam 2019 the most affordable you’ve ever traveled.
Now, here’s our piece of advice on cheap weekends in Amsterdam.

Cheap Amsterdam: Is It Even Possible?

During a trip to Amsterdam, costs of accommodation, transportation and food are the highest. They have a significant impact on any tourist’s budget. However, walking around Amsterdam, you will notice right away that there are quite a lot of young people and students. They clearly feel comfortable in an expensive city like that without being able to spend much. How is it even possible?

Indeed, if you save up on some amenities and learn where to go in Amsterdam for a cheaper price beforehand, the whole deal won’t cost you much.

We should warn you that the recommendations we give in this article are hardly suitable for families with children or, say, a honeymoon trip where you would certainly want comfort and privacy. Still, our intake on a trip to Amsterdam 2019 would be perfect for a company of young people or just an unpretentious couple.

Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Speaking about a budget-friendly trip to Amsterdam 2019, we suggest you forget about direct flights. As a rule, they cost huge money. Such expenses are not included in our plans! Alternatively, consider booking a transfer flight.

There are different types of transfers: you can spend only a few hours at the airport waiting for the next flight, or you can expect a 10-20 hours break before you head over to your end destination. In this case, you can also walk around the city where you wait for your transfer.

However, we recommend that you always remember the golden rule: the earlier you take care of tickets, the cheaper they will cost you. Last minute deals to Amsterdam usually don’t work at all. If you are interested in booking holidays to Amsterdam, start with flight tickets right now – using, for example, the!

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Living in Amsterdam: Cheap Hotels

Yes, the most important things to sort out before the trip are flights and accommodation. In Amsterdam, you can save on housing considerably by living in a hostel. Compared to other cities in Europe, they are quite expensive, but if you try, you can find a great option in the city center for obly 20-25 Euros a night. We recommend that you book a hostel with breakfast included: there’s no need in wandering around the city searching for a cheap meal. Sure, these are not the all-inclusive holidays to Amsterdam that you would dream of, but they are cheap enough!

By the way, if you have a company of 5 people, you can book 6 beds in a 6-bed room. Just pay for the 6th bed collectively and use it for storage! This way, you will live with your friends in one room without allowing strangers in, and the bathroom will always be at your disposal. You won’t need to worry about the safety or interfering with other people that you don’t know.

If you’re interested in Amsterdam’s cheap hotels, check this female-only Hostelle accommodation where you can book a bed in a dormitory room with other fellow ladies! There are rooms from 4 to 10 beds, so the women will keep you a nice company.

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And if you would like to book a separate room for you and your companions, see this 3-star Ibis Schiphol Amsterdam Airport hotel. You can opt for a nice breakfast in the morning as well

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Places to See in Amsterdam

Before the trip, look up the prices of attractions in Amsterdam. Many popular museum tickets are sold online at a neat discount. In particular, this applies to Madame Tussauds Museum, the Heineken Experience Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam’s Icebar, the Body Worlds exhibition, the Madurodam Park, the Efteling Park and much more.

If your plans spin around museums a lot, consider buying a museum card. In the face of it, its cost (€ 59.90) seems rather expensive, but it pays off in just 4-5 museum visits. With this card, you’ll always be aware where to go in Amsterdam!

To stay in the center of the city, we recommend you another cheap option – this hostel The Flying Pig Downtown. You can book a bed in a 10-32-bed dormitory room. Of course, they can offer you a suite as well, but it will cost you a good penny.

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Although cheap holidays in Amsterdam 2019 are not easy to organize, hopefully, with our tips, you can save on the trip without saving on your comfort. Along with planning your own journey, don’t forget to check Amsterdam vacation packages at your local travel agencies. This way, you are guaranteed to catch a nice deal.

Thank you for reading our piece of advice on cheap weekends in Amsterdam! We’re always happy to share some lifehacks!