Advantages and Disadvantages of the USA Bus Traveling

America isn’t a small country, which may cause some difficulties, especially when trying to get from one state to another. For instance, one of the bigger problems with this country’s size is the public transport, its cost and accessibility. You can say that the United States is a kingdom of airports, and the railway system is highly developed, too. But what option is there else to consider? We recommend you to try a bus for the US.

Pros of Taking the US Bus

You can tell right away that bus touring is less expensive than airlines and trains. When wishing to save some money, finding a cheap bus trip is much more possible than finding a low-priced airplane or train tickets. So, you can say that the bus tour price in the USA is really moderate and helps you save up for something more exciting — for example, sightseeing strolls, great hotels and delicious restaurants.

Modern buses can be really comfortable compared to older ones. More and more bus companies in America are beginning to add such amenities as Wi-Fi, power outlets and restrooms, but a couple of years ago it would sound like a fairytale. Indeed, having Internet connection to post funny selfies on Instagram will save almost any tour, whether the route takes 2 or 12 hours. You can check the biggest bus operator in the USA, Greyhound. Their buses are really convenient, and the operator does everything to satisfy its customers.

Disadvantages of Taking the US Bus

If we continue comparing buses to airplanes and trains, the main disadvantage is obvious: the speed of such vehicles is just incomparable. The bus trip can take forever! Also, if the bus doesn’t have Wi-Fi connection and/or a restroom, this inconvenience along with the previous one can make your trip a living hell.

It isn’t easy to survive long rides, especially when there is nothing to do on the board. Here comes the one and only savior: a good playlist. Plug your earphones in and start forgetting about the world’s existence. But try to never bother people around you; for that reason, you might want a better earphones with a good sound isolation.

It’s important to think about other people’s comfort, but they can rarely think about yours. Pets barking and meowing, kids crying, some loud fellows talking on the phone or listening to their awful music, even those poor guys that always try to take a nap on your shoulder — they all can drive you nuts. It would be so nice to just get rid of them, isn’t it? Some people can make a bus private by ordering it all for themselves, but let’s be real, if you are planning to have a cheap trip, you’ll need to be on the road with people you’ll secretly hate towards the end of your journey.

Preparing for the Ride

Before the trip you really need to look up the bus booking sites and buy the tickets beforehand, or at list check the schedule. You can find not only a one-way bus ticket for yourself, but also cheap round trip bus tickets to come back easily. This is a great idea for visiting 2 cities and switching them in the middle of your vacation.

Do you know how to get a bus route? Thoroughly plan your trip, a map can be used for help: you can look at it to check the routes and bus stations. It’s better to always have it within arm’s reach, be it a digital copy on your phone or an actual printed map where you can mark all the necessary things on the go. This may sound obvious, but yeah, don’t underestimate having a printed map, as it will always help you with your next bus trip.

Keep in mind that some bus network systems may seem really complex. Metro Bus transit (LA) is one of the more confusing ones: it has 3 types of buses — local, rapid and express ones. The number of stops, their destinations and even the color of vehicles is really different. So yeah, don’t make your worst nightmare come true: prepare yourself in advance to never board the wrong bus!

As you can see, bus traveling is a really nice option that helps you save up some coins. It has its own flaws, but it all disappears as soon as you think of what’s best for your budget. All in all, there’s nothing to wait for. You can start your trip tomorrow, bus touring across the United States!

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