8 Products From Xiaomi for Active Travelling

Portable Power Banks

In any journey, the most indispensable device is the power bank. Portable Charger, Mi Power Bank 20000mAh 2C Charger is definitely one of the best on the market.

With rechargeable external battery case you can forget about running down at the most inopportune moment the battery of the smartphone or other device. Stylish and compact device is easy to take with you on a trip or for a walk, it will fit in any bag or backpack.

Thanks to the increased capacity of 20,000mAh you are able to charge several smartphones or tablets. Two USB outputs allow you to connect two devices at once.

Battery feature-support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It fills up the charge fully in less than seven hours and can power up the phone supporting such function.

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 Case for Portable Charger

In addition, it is possible to purchase a portable case that will protect your device from possible damage and scratches. Accessory will last a very long time, because of its durability. There are two colours: black and white.

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Action Video Cameras

This device is not directly subject to Xiaomi products but they are the ones who funded the project mentioned above. YI 4K+ Action Camera has a great picture quality and amazing image stabilization thanks to 4K+ feature. Very simple usability. Perfect sound. Long battery life. Pleasant to touch. And also it has lots of other positive features.

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Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses will be useful if you are going on a trip in spring, summer or autumn. Florenceenid Xiaomi Mijia Polarized Sunglasses UV400 will protect you for about 99% from UV. It has a classic style and colour. This thing will complement any of your images. 6-layers coating will provide you an additional protection.

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Neck & Cervical Pillows

If you have to travel by plane, train or car not as a driver you will definitely need such thing as a neck pillow. Long journeys between cities are often tedious and cause pain to our body. To alleviate one of the problems like neck and back pain get yourself a Xiaomi 8H Travel Neck Twist Pillow. The pillow consists of a pleasant cotton, which has a beneficial effect on your skin. Perfectly supports the neck, which helps to relax the muscles. In addition, this product will be a great gift for your friends.

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The next thing that will help you not to get bored away is of course music. If you want to enjoy your playlist, take Original Xiaomi Sound box Portable Wireless with you. It is much better listening to music from a speaker than from headphones even though you are in your hotel room. In addition, the speaker is a great way to dilute your party with friends. It has an amazing sound and works quite a long time without recharging. It has a built-in microphone. This devise supports Bluetooth and has many other great advantages for that price.

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Casual Daypacks

One of the most important things you will need while travelling is a backpack. Xiaomi Travel Business Backpack has a capacity of 26 litres. Comfortable for back. It has a stylish design, which, in soy time is very comfortable to wear. Simple and clear style. Multi-pockets organization of your bag will help you to pack all your necessary stuff.

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Car Accessories

If you go somewhere by car the following devices are right for you. Gravity Car Phone Holder has an excellent build quality with non-toxic materials, and holds your phone firmly and helps protect it from slipping. Compatible with the most of mobile phones.

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