3 Cheap Destinations in Africa

Till this day, all about Africa tours & travels stays some kind of a mystery. Many people believe that a budget-friendly trip to Africa is impossible and, except for Egypt, everything is too expensive.
Indeed, if you are going to hunt rhinos or lions or have an open tour, Africa will make you pay a substantial amount. Still, if your goal is to visit the magnificent national parks, have a safari adventure in the savannah, get acquainted with unique African culture or swim in the ocean, then your trip will not require large investments. Actually, we suggest you contact your local tour operator to search for cheap vacation packages in South and North Africa!

If you start wondering “How do you get to Africa?” then you should know: the only way to access this marvelous continent is via a flight. However, it will cost more than the flight across Europe. Although you might find the transportation costs higher than usual, you still can save up on the accommodation.
Now, let’s see our list of top 3 cheap destinations in Africa!

Why Do People Travel to Africa

There are many reasons why a travel to Africa might be the best journey of your life. For example, most tourist countries are cheaper than European ones. The natural and cultural attractions are amazingly diverse: from safari tourism to ocean beaches, there are so many possibilities to enjoy your time. We should also add that the African cuisine is an unforgettable adventure for every tourist. Here, exotic awaits you at every step, so a remarkable experience guaranteed.

As the climate conditions of the Southern hemisphere are not alike, you might need to know when to visit Africa. The most popular time for a trip is winter: from December to February, it is quite cold up in the North, but in Africa, there’s a warm summer with no rains at all.

“Why Be Careful during Our Trip to Africa?”

Nevertheless, any Africa guide will tell you that there are some disadvantages to such trip as well. For example, travel expenses are higher than in Europe, so traveling through Africa by car will be inconvenient. Insurance costs more as well. Also, you won’t be able to do without the services of travel companies. Egypt is the only country suitable for families with children: it’s not so much about the climate, but also about insects, cuisine and the African service.

What is also very important, Africa is an unstable continent, so you have to think about the political situation and vaccinations. If you’re looking for tips on how to travel from North Africa to South Africa, you better find a trusted operator or just forget about. The hostilities always break out and fade away in the most unexpected moment, so it’s not the best time to figure an open tour out.
Now, let’s see the best places for a vacation in Africa!

3 Cheapest African Countries to Visit

There are so many places to visit in Africa. Indeed, the continent is full of natural wonders and monuments of older civilization. However, there are 3 cheap destinations in Africa that we would like to recommend.

Egypt is very well-known for the resorts of Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Alexandria. There are even cities that consist entirely of hotels and entertainment centers. Nowadays, it’s hard to surprise anyone with sandy beaches and coral reefs, camel rides and visits to the Pyramids, Luxor or Karnak temple complexes. The average cost of a weekly all-inclusive tour will cost no more than 300 euros per person. In this case, you are completely free from the hassle of finding a hotel and restaurants as well as figuring how to travel around Africa. The use of the beach and even several excursions are often included in the price. For instance, check this extremely cheap and convenient Panorama Bungalows Aqua Park in Hurghada!

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Morocco is one of the most stable countries to visit in Africa. You are welcome to visit Morocco and see magnificent mosques and numerous royal palaces, admire comfortable and beautiful ocean beaches, and go skiing on the Mount Toubkal. A camel or mule ride in the Sahara desert is the most sought-after entertainment in Morocco. Don’t forget the hammam saunas of Marrakesh: their rejuvenating effect is known all over the world. Friendly local people, low prices, warm climate and exotic atmosphere make Morocco one of the Africa’s top tourist countries. If you are interested in finding a good accommodation option, see Allegro Agadir hotel. This is truly a nice deal!

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In Zimbabwe, every American will inevitably get the impression that civilization is nothing compared to nature. Here, you can enjoy walks through the virgin forests, appreciate the views of the waterfalls, or have a safari to go look at the exotic animals up close. Be sure that the best safari parks in South Africa are all Zimbabwean! In addition to natural beauty, the country has many cultural monuments. We recommend you book an accommodation in ecological camping site or in a hotel, for example, in The Tree Lodge at Sikumi.

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One thing can be said with confidence: if you want to have the most unusual experiences for cheap, it’s time to travel to Africa! This will definitely be an adventure to recall!