3 Best Transportation Means for Your Tour of the USA

There is no one in the world who would not want to go to the USA. Many of us began dreaming of visiting America when we were kids, because the American movies and TV-shows, cartoons and computer games were an essential part of our everyday life. This country is very good at promoting its own popular culture, no wonder young people want to see America so much and breathe in the wonderful atmosphere of their childhood.

However, with such dreams of traveling come difficulties, too. America is quite a big country that has 50 states, and each of them offers some great tourist attractions or sights that we’ve seen in the movies of our childhood. So how is it better to get around the United States to collect the most interesting experiences during the tour? This article provides you a personal USA guide on means of transportation that you can use during your trip.

How to Travel Around the USA?


America has a highly developed system of public transport. The passenger transportation is carried out by air, rail and waterways as well as by car, the latter being a dominant way of getting around the country. You can choose whatever suits you and your traveling goals. So, what is the best way to tour the USA?

Crossing the USA by Car

If you would love to have a road trip across the USA, you should definitely consider renting a car. It will help you stay mobile and travel independently, going wherever you want without any need of sticking to the schedule. You will also enjoy the freedom of driving on American highways and admiring sceneries of rural villages and smaller towns. Sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, right? With a good car you will undoubtedly have the best road trips in the USA. But it can also be rather challenging as it involves high gasoline costs. Also, this option isn’t a match for those who have no driver’s license.

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Airlines of the USA

As some of the biggest American cities have long distances lying in-between, taking a car isn’t always that handy: who would want to spend half of their vacation driving from, say,  New York to Los Angeles? You will need almost 60 hours to cover 4 700 kilometers! Because of that, another great possibility for your travel is taking a plane. You can fly the USA all across!

The American air transportation network takes almost 1 million passengers a year. Almost half of the 30 busiest airports in the world are American, and the 1st busiest airport is situated in Atlanta.

Some people can find flying a plane not only exceptionally fast, but also affordable and pleasant, too. But it can sometimes be a stressful experience. First of all, it is relatively high-priced, especially for a traveler’s reach. Second, some people have a serious phobia of such flights. To deal with the first problem, we suggest you look up the airplane tickets long before your American trip. To deal with the second one, we have found a way out.

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The USA Railway Trains

Of course, the final option for your trip is taking a train. This might be a middle ground for both your comfort and budget, as it is much more possible to find cheap train tickets in the Internet.  Fun fact: the amount of train tours in the USA is considered more narrow when compared to other countries. In other words, people tend to rent cars and fly airplanes rather than taking trains.

Well, screw the statistics: when traveling across America, railway transportation can be really comfortable to use. It covers both short and long distances and lets you appreciate the authenticity of towns and villages passing by. So, a train travel in the USA is also a good experience. But of course it has its own flaws. Bad news: to go from NY to LA, you still need almost 3 days.

When considering all the transportation means listed above, you really need to think it through and choose the option that is most suitable for your route, goals, and budget.  When getting around the United States, tourist attractions, places of interest and cities that we know since our childhood are the most enjoyable part of that experience. But it doesn’t mean that transportation shouldn’t be enjoyable, too! Hopefully, our guide will help you make your journey as memorable and nostalgic as it can be.

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