Luggage Locks: Should We Lock Our Suitcases?

Nowadays travelling by plane is the most convenient and fastest way of travelling. It is evident, that everyone cares on safety of his luggage and often we wonder whether we need to lock our suitcases. In most cases we prefer to play safe and avoid problems with our belongings. However, locking your case does not guarantee that it will remain untouchable.

Many people faced with so called TSA. Sometimes the representatives of this agency check your luggage due to security reasons. In these cases, if luggage has a standard lock, it will be removed or destroyed. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation – special TSA approved padlocks and other trips stuff. Using TSA locks, luggage and bags provide the best traveling experience in order to make it safe as much as it is possible. Therefore, the most popular and effortless way to avoid troubles with TSA is to use TSA approved locks. The best of them are listed below.

TSA Luggage Padlocks (2 in Pack)

These locks approved by TSA allow TSA screeners to check your luggage without any damage to the locks. Thanks to 4-digit combination of TSA-approved padlocks your luggage will get high quality protection. Trusty 4-digits locks mean 10000 available combinations making cracking process very hard and long, almost impossible. Moreover, numbers are easy changeable, that allows a user to reset and select his own unique password. In addition, these high quality non-plastic TSA locks have a one-year warranty.

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TSA Confirmed Luggage Key Locks

These baggage locks use an enhanced dimple passkey and tempered steel tumbler structure. Forge padlock is falsify-proof and fully trustworthy. Always protected system provides a technique that the TSA officers have to lock a luggage after the inspection to return their key. You can use forge padlocks not only for the trips because there are applicable for a huge diversity of items besides suitcases or baggage. For instance, a diplomat, a gym locker, a handbag, a notebook bag or a daypack are supported by these locks. The producer of these key locks left a surprise for customers – implicit lifelong warranty.

Here are some more luggage locks of the identical property and functionality:

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Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack

Probably, for some users the ability of travel with own TSA luggage with embeded TSA Lock will be more convenient. That is why the following product is presented for them:

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Coolife TSA Lock Luggage Suitcase

A high quality reliable material, persistent and light firm surface of this luggage, features textured pattern to protect form any abrasion. The luggage is ideal for business and individual travel. Besides, durable ergonomical aluminum sliding grip structure ensures smooth and soft feeling. Unique TSA lock permits only TSA officers to check your belongings without any damage to the lock. As a bonus, 2 year global warranty.

Sometimes one piece of luggage is not enough or you don’t really need it at all. In these cases, small bags and backpacks will help you. In fact, there are TSA validate toiletry and notebook backpacks!

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LVLY TSA Toile Handbag

The superior grade PVC is abrasion persistent and the claps make a closely pressurize to hold fluid off spilling in every place of a bag throughout both ground and air journey. Distinct and systematized bag is convenient for displaying travel dimension carboy with liquids to TSA workers. This reusable and waterproof bag is made of durable PVC material. It can be simply cleaned and becomes as good as a new one. Moreover, you will get a warranty for 18 months.

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SwissGear TSA Notebook Backpack

This awesome backpack is a unique option for travellers who have to face the toughest circumstances. It is able to resist different weather conditions and survive everywhere you take it. Furthermore, it has a special feature which allows TSA scanning of your notebook, air venting technology and shaped shoulder belts.

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